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| hi.
i think my phone is listening to me.

i was on call with someone, and we talked for hours. one topic that i've brought up is the tamagotchi. she doesn't know what a tamagotchi is so i explained it to her in detail what it does and what makes it so fun.
i didn't have to search about tamagotchi on any search engine on my phone, since i kinda know a lot about it.

but weeks later, i get ads about tamagotchi and its prices in the market. i even get content recommendations on YT

| about tamagotchi and tamagotchi gameplays

| i forgot to put a title. title: i think my phone listens to what i say.

| Yeah, it does. This is not new.

| We're all being listened by our phones. It's freaky, but, oh well. You get used to this, I guess

| You can get rid of features that listen like that without too much trouble, though it won't stop someone dedicated to attacking your phone in particular - for that you'd really need a non commercial os and avoiding any malware. What kind of phone is it?

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This thread is permanently archived