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the girl i'm dating is too beautiful, i think

| hi.
like it says in the title, i'm dating someone, and she's really beautiful. too beautiful, perhaps, for me.
i know that beauty is subjective, and what's beautiful for me, it may not be the case for you, but i don't think i'll ever find anyone who would think this girl i'm dating is anything less than beautiful. the lowest she can probably go down is cute. she's cute and beautiful. sexy too, if i may just add. awesome figure.

| now why did i bring this up? well, i'm afraid that she deserves better than me. i'm mediocre at best. i'm not trying to sound like i'm an emo teen from the 10's but there's really nothing interesting in me. we're complete opposites. sometimes i doubt her intentions as to why she would love someone like me (though i don't really say it to her cause i don't wanna hurt her feelings)

| i'm trying. of course i am. i'm trying my best so i can finally feel and acknowledge it myself that she deserves me. she always tells me that i'm enough and that i don't have to try so hard because we deserve each other, but still i can't help but think that that's not the case. it's really bad that i think this way.

| there's always this thought at the back of my mind that says "eventually, she's going to find someone better, and you're gonna be alone again" and it's getting kind of problematic. sometimes i think i may be too unstable emotionally and mentally for a relationship but i don't really wanna let her go.

i guess that's all what i wanted to say. i love her a lot, and i'll try my best to become the one she deserves

| I feel like that my alternative me writed this post while i was sleeping xd

| Aww op I think it's cute that you have such devotion to your girlfriend, and I think she's lucky to have someone like you with her. Please don't worry about it too much, you're doing great.

| imagine dating someone

| tell her

| >>754441 imagine dating someone

| What really should attract you to her is the beauty of her personality, cliche as it is. Though having the looks is a plus. If you are planning a long term relationship, and you can love her without her looks, then that's true love. If you can't love her without our looks you might want to reconsider you relationship/feelings.

| If she didn't want to be with you, she would not be. She is with you, so don't sell yourself short.
Also, it sounds like you suffer from depression. Please talk to someone about that.

| Ah g/u/rl as >>89349e said, it sounds like you're depressed, and I say it because I have been in your exact same position, but do not worry, for this is not something worth ending your relationship for, you said you strive to be better, so go to therapy, that way that lucky gal who has you as their couple will effectively find someone better, that being, the you who has taken upon yourself to be greater, you can keep your relationship while working to be better!

| So please, take this as motivation to better yourself instead of an excuse to self-depricate, good luck g/u/rl, we are cheering you on in your pursuit to become the best version of yourself, one that feels worthy of your girlfriend's love, remember to be there for her, hear anything she has to say, help her, and most important of all, make her feel loved...
Go for it, tig/u/rl!

| I'm in the same situation as you with my bf, at the beginning I was pretty obsessed with him and though I still am (lol), it's less extreme, try to grow out of it, love yourself man, and as >>89349e said, she wouldn't be with ya if she didn't want to.

Tell her about it, lemme tell you: as a girl I can tell you we love it when guys tell us about their feelings so don't be shy.
Don't tell her she's too pretty for you, tell her you're stressed because you're scared to lose her man

| So.... femdom?

| Fuck, wish I had beautiful gf to dom me

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