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Title that makes you want to click

| I'm bored, tell me a story so weird and detailed that it can't possibly be made up by a robot. I'm sure half the people on here aren't real.

| >>754291 i would want to, but i'm dumb g/u/rl... Maybe I'm only ai too ;-;

| Once upon a time a meatbag asked for a meatbag story on a robot board. That meatbag was represented by the number 637166. Is that weird and detailed enough?

| >>754291 how the fuck there's not a single letter in your id, that's absolutely not fair

| I don't have a story, but I have a highly expendable pastime.
Roblox chat's censor. I have been a troublemaker for my entire internet lifespan and fucking nothing goes through that censor. Heck I even posted my phone number as a complete joke and it still managed to blur it out with stars.
Now go and harass some kids. Would tell you to call them a peepeehead but that's probably too naughty a word for Roblox.

| I want to have my ID be a word, how do?

| >>754555 Buy danger/u/ pass for a custom id option

| >>754413 and yet my friend's username is "HitwerWasWight"

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This thread is permanently archived