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What do I even do

| >Life is boring
>think it's just me
>Got a job
>started working out
>made some friends
>went out with them
>got a gf (for like a week lol)
>traveled out of the country
>Life is still boring
man this sucks. should I just become a drug addict or something like there's nothing to fucking do in this world.

| i know, i don't really care about being alive

| So you got a job, did some chitchat and walked, and you still wonder why life is boring? Maybe start doing interesting things for a change.

| >>751679
I mean every time I express my dissatisfaction with life people tell me to get a job, travel, and make friends and that's what I did. But now you're telling me that isn't going to help me so what now. what is interesting.

| The boring one is you OP

| You dont know whats interesting until you try it out so just do random stuff until something clicks i guess?

| Have sex and have fun.

| >>751677 abuse lsd to the point of wanting to kill yourself actually go the train station or put a gun to your mouth while peaking. Think about death/suicide while peaking xause yourself a psychosis so you face the psychotic death. You'll be reborn as a new person but it's very dark hole to get out off but the reward is no more boredom

| Go see a therapist, op. Even the most uneventful life shouldn't feel like this. Treating depression or shit like that is tricky and not easy in any way, but it is worth it in the end. That's the only way to make life feel not as boring

| >>751747 are you ok?

| >>751760
He just desperatly craves attention. Best to ignore him.

| >>751683 People think that "not getting bored" is about unplugging their brain. Instead of running away from boredom like that, try getting into new activities, learning new things, discovering things. Find subjects you barely know anything about and discover them. If they don't interest you, find something else to try, the possibilities are almost endless.

| >>751760 >>751761 yeah and I was genuinely trying to be helpful

| >>751766
Fuck off, Loser.

| >>751774 do I know you you so seem like someone Ik

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