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Where do you work?

| Do you enjoy your line of work?

| Online ESL teacher. I'm new and I recently just got accepted. My first class starts on Thursday.
I'm still not sure if I can do this, nor am I capable of being a decent-enough teacher since I'm generally soft-spoken. I'm pretty much only doing this for money, you could say. But then again we're all told to love our work. Maybe I'll find that "love" when I start working officially.

| >>751461 is hikikomori work?

| I used to work in a private marina, but they fired me because the new boss wanted to bring in his friends. I love working on the water, but I'm tired of working every night and weekend.

| I'm in college, but I have a side job translating manhwa from English to my local native tongue. The stories are usually generic junk food, but sometimes there's some gems in there.

I genuinely enjoy translating so I'm hoping I can get a similar job full-time after I graduate.

| just started at IT last week after almost a year of being NEET. i was even getting neetbux

| >>751502 yes

| soul-crushing corporate companies

| >>751584 i'm fulltime hikikomori.. idk..it is probably ok i guess xd

| >>751627 this tbh

| I work from home...but I am homeless.

| Hell's branch office.

| Just a merchandiser at a local grocery store

| I'm a ... chinese acrobat.

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This thread is permanently archived