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I want to be gone

| You ever just think of wanting to disappear? I'm not even pertaining to suicide nor death. Like, in just a snap of a finger, you're no longer where you are right now. You're in a place where you can be alone and where no one else can find you.
That's the kind of solace I've been wanting recently. It sounds selfish and grim, but... I just want to let everything go.

| ye

| Sounds like quitter talk. Some suicide promoter was talking similar in a couple of other threads so be careful. He's actively trying to talk people into killing themselves on tor chat.

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I'm aware, though these thoughts aren't influenced by him in particular. Thanks for the warning though

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Which thread are you talking about?

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OP even clarified she's not looking neither for suicide nor for death in general. Just some kinda safe space.

What about visiting a library or something? Maybe some kinda book cafe? I guess that might not be an option right now because of corona though... But those kinds of places, while not offering you to let *everything* go, are generally quite chill.

| Sounds like you want to spend some time in nature. Just take a blanket, a snack or some sandwiches and sit there for a couple of hours every week.

By just walking 40 minutes in nature you lower your cortison levels (a key marker of stress) compared to those who walked in an indoor setting set to the same temperature and humidity.


| Stanford researchers found that participants who walked in nature (versus an urban setting) for 90 minutes reported lower instances of rumination and showed reduced neural activity in the prefrontal cortex (an area of the brain linked to mental health and mood imbalances).


It will also make you feel overall better about everything. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-44097-3

| >>751276 It's hard to find a place like that. Even when there isn't anyone around, I'm always pulling out my phone.

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Thank you. I've been going out on walks on the beach every morning and it's been a great help. Thank you for leaving these here.

| If you can, go out in a boat into a large body of water, preferably at night. You can get away from everyone and disappear for a while. Just don't forget a lifejacket.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to get away from it all like that, the whole world is a lot.

| You can live in a forest. I am going to do that too.

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