How does one start making music?

| I sometimes have a little melody pop into my head, or maybe an idea for a general kind of sound that would be nice, but then I open up a DAW or take an instrument and... That's all. No clue what to do next. I try to throw some notes/chords together, but it sounds absolutely awful and not at all how I imagined. Then I just fumble around until I get frustrated and quit. Is there some kind of structure I need to follow? Like, "to make a piece of music, do this, this and this"?

| Hmm. Well, you should probably look up some tutorials on just general, like, "this is how to make things sound like X or Y" and make sure that you're familiar with how to use the DAW that you're using.

After that you should just, try stuff. Try different stuff to see if it works, try to go with it even if it doesn't sound how you imagined it, and that way you'll get better through practice.

| Audacity, Fl studio Demo, A Cheap MIDI keyboard. and go to ghosthack.com & cymatics, Studio Mercy sent you :)

| It helps to learn how to play other songs to understand how songs are structured and how instruments are layered. It might be that your musical fits better as a vocal melody and just needs music to be a rhythm section. Make sense?

| Play with MIDI

| You don't *have* to follow structures, but if you feel like it helps you, making loops really helps me expand little ideas into sometimes full songs. Take a bit you really like, loop in over a drum beat or something like that and modify little things as you go along. Maybe if you're lucky one of those variations will stick enough with you and you'll develop that into a full thing too. It's a lot of trial and error, at least for me

| when you have those little melodies jot them down on voice memos. Even if they are half formed it's great for inspo

| Watch tutorials for your chosen genre, learn music theory, listen to the same song on repeat, try to write a different intro every day. Once you can reliably generate ideas, it'll become a lot easier.

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