Why does losing an online friend feels like a breakup?

| Im heartbroken

| Living is suffering, so that happens from time to time. Try to forget it doing something else.

| It does, don't it? Whether online or offline, losing a connection you had for months or even years hurts.

| Yeah. Losing people, it just hurts. No matter if they're online, offline, friend, partner or family. It just, sucks. Even when it's cutting off people you know are bad for you, it still hurts. It always does.

| It does? I feel like I only ever lose an offline friend when we just don't talk as much, and then they change how they go online and I have no way to contact them anymore.

Huh. That's not very different from losing an IRL friend actually

| >>750396 this comment gets me thinking actually

when you make online friends it's often through DMs so it's kind of like an intentional effort to get to know someone

IRL you can sort of reason that by being the victim of the situation you guys just *happened* to drift apart naturally.

But for online friends it's harder to think that way

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