Did my coming out as a man

| Mother kicked me out of my home

| lol

| Aw. I'm sorry :(

| rip

| F

| the game was rigged fom the start

| Man up

| Hope you found somewhere to stay safe out there:(

| Is this for real homie? If so Look if you are eligible for homeless shelter and support in charitable orginisation/ngos etc.

| F

| OP here, mom let me back in but I'm now a gurl again and it's actually good. Fuck being a man

| >>750387 LOL best comment in the thread

| >>750898
If this is actually OP, I'm very confused.

| >>750904 being a man made me homeless so it's shit

| >>750917
Well, I mean, your mother not being accepting is what made you homeless. You being a man is just you being honest with yourself.
I do understand though. I have a friend who's in the exact same situation as you.

| >You being a man is just you being honest with yourself
If OP has XY then yes

| based mom

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