Discord account disabled

| My acc has been disabled due to the underage TOS ( under 13 rule while I'm clearly over 18 ). I've applied for my acc to be enabled back with enough proof, hopefully. Does anyone know how long it takes to recover your acc back ? I miss my 5 years old acc :/

| Nice teabag from the mods. Hope you stay banned

| How did you get banned?

| Don't you get it? You're free from the cesspool of mental illness that is Discord. Put as much distance between you and that pit as possible, and don't look back.

| >>750304 Me, asocial who only uses Discord as an alternative to phone calls with a single person: Did I miss something?

I get it has to be towards the many servers I'll never join because why would I?

| >>750306
>alternative to phone calls

| Someone must have tricked you into saying you were under 13. Discord will disable accounts for saying they're under 13 regardless of the context.

| >>750314

Tricked and went to the effort of reporting their specific account to T&S.

| OP you probably just signed your death warrant on that service.

I would probably say try and make a new account but I wouldn't rely on it and I wouldn't trust Discord with ID, same way someone wouldn't trust Facebook with the same private information.

| No one probably care but I managed to get my account activated back. Took me 3 days if anyone is wondering

| Should have run while you had the chance, smh

| Aha, too many friends to escape this hellhole called Discord

| >>750718

3 Days is pretty quick, good job OP.

| im 12 wat is dis

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