To: goth g/u/rl from pony tail thread

| I'm sorry I missed your last message! I wasn't online for a little bit and the thread died.

The clothes I talked about finally arrived, and I'm really really happy, and I would love to talk more about clothes if you're still down for it!

| This is the most wholesome thing I have ever seen in danger/u/

| >>750268 Awww it means super much you made a post and wanted to talk about it more! I'm glad the clothes finally came!!! And yes I very much am still down to talk about it ^^ <3

| >>750268 And its fine you were busy and the thread closed dont worry <4

| >>750358
Yay! Oki, so, where do we start? I don't have the best memory so I don't really remember where we left off and stuff.

Oki, oki. But, I'm still sorry!

| >>750375 Well I was talking about different styles, you told me what you liked sort of and then you said you'd get back to me when the clothes arrived. Oh also I was talking about the culture of it all!

And dont worry so much, apology accepted ^^ <3

Besides, you weren't obligated to get back to me I just like helping and connecting with others. But it does mean a lot you started a new thread asking for me and I happened to see it <3

| >>750476
Well, I really loved talking to you about it! So of course I made a thread now that I got the clothes!

I would love to get help and advice, and I would love to hear more about the culture of it all too! I don't really consider myself goth, but I find goth stuff really interesting and I take some inspiration from both punk and goth with my style.

Should I send a picture of one of the outfits I put together? Because explaining it takes a lot of time and word skills.

| >>750482 Awww thank you so much!! And sure I'd love to help and give advice <3

I'm always honest when it comes down to it so I won't lie or anything and I'll give a little critique on the style and pointers if you want but I'm no fashion guru or anything XD

That goes back to the culture though. It is sort of similar to punk in terms of being a form of counterculture in a way though not really as explicit usually. Its more about the macabre but also being expressive. <3

| >>750482 And yes a picture would be great if you dont mind at all and makes it easier <3

| >>750565
Honesty is good! And, yeah. That's true. Is, like, from the same thing, but it's not the same thing. They're different forms of counter culture, and punk is more raw while goth is more, like, theatrical kinda. At least I think that's right?

I have a friend who's punk, and we've talked about some of the differences and what's similar and stuff.

I won't be showing my face, because, privacy and stuff. But I don't mind showing my body!


| >>750587 Yes it is similar yet different. Goth can be quite theatrical but where I see the two differing is that punk is more explicit and against the status quo like goth though goth isn't so outspoken I guess. It's more like I'm going to wear whatever the fuck I want because I like it. Itll be dark and not like mainstream because those are the things I like. It's also that I love spooky and macabre things though most people get the wrong impression like we are evil or something

| >>750587 Not that I care obviously XD

And you look super cute! I especially love the socks being as sporty as I am, black and white striped ones are my favourite! And I totally see the influences of both but I see it as more leaning towards punk than goth. But your style is your style and you rock it~! <3

| >>750591
Yeah! That's what I thought! It's different forms of it. Different expressions.

Thank you!
Yeah, I'm definitely leaning a bit more towards punk. Probably because I know punk people and I don't really know any goth people. But, I don't like sticking to just one style! Personality wise, I might not seem it, but I'm more on the punk side when it comes to how I think and stuff. But, I also think goth is really pretty! So I want to mix and stuff and express with both!

| >>750599 Aww that sounds amazing! And I'm super glad you're having fun and experimenting with a style you like! And I could see you being more punk tbh, those were the vibes I was getting anyhow ^^

Yes you can certainly mix it up no need to stick to a label or anything just have fun ^^ <3

| >>750606
Mhm! That's what I'm trying to do!

But, I want to know more about you! We've almost exclusively talked about me. Tell me more about you!
What kind of clothes do you wear? What colours do you go for? Do you do any makeup? If so, what kind of style do you go for with it?
I want to know more!

| Lonely people: take notes.

| >>750641

| Oh, my ID changed! I'm OP.

| >>750617 Well I am still finding out my style lol. I want to try some more fancy dress goth someday but as of now I'm kind of tomboyish? I dont really do makeup much unless I'm going to a party or something but when I do I usually go heavy on the dark makeup and use a super pale foundation!

I always wear black and goth kind of shirts my favourite brand being Akumu Ink! And it's strange since I rarely talk about myself XD

But thank you! <3

| >>750617 For example, theres this pair of amazing high heeled boots where the buckles are skulls and the heel itself looks like a skeletal finger and it's so amazing but expensive and idk if I'm ready to rock something like that yet

| >>750617 But at the same time it's also like with my size and musculature idk if I even can rock something like that

| >>750660
Ooh! I love tomboy style though! Tomboys are some of the cutest people in the world in my opinion.

Ooh! Akumu has super cool T-shirts. I don't think I could wear them very well, but I get the feeling that they fit you perfectly.

Also, if you try the fancy goth dress stuff, can you please share a picture with me? I would absolutely love to see that!

>>750663 >>750665
You should definitely try it! If you have money to spare of course. But they sound sick!

| >>750669 You're seriously too fucking sweet omg T~T <3

And I LOVE their stuff!! One of my favourite shirts and one I'm currently wearing is like a sort of messed up Alice in Wonderland and I love it so much!!

And sure if I ever start a new wardrobe I'd love to share pics with you!! XD

When I have the money I definitely want to try it maybe with some sheer stockings and some kind of ripped jean shorts with a chain maybe. I could probably put something together <3

| >>750674
Nah ah! You're the sweetie!

Ooh! I love Alice in Wonderland stuff! Alice in Wonderland has a feel and aesthetic that is really, really cool and works super well with fashion!
Would you mind sending a picture? I want to see it!

Yay! I'd love that!

Ooh! That sounds perfect!
That almost makes me sad. I want to see it so badly! I want to see it right now! But I have to be patient. I have to wait for the right day and hold on to hope!

| >>750677 I know this is anonymous but you're like my new best friend right now I swear XD

And yes its amazing!! I always loved Alice in Wonderland since I was younger! And idk how I'd feel sending a pic of myself just yet but let me see if I can get a link of the shirt lol

Thank you!!! I want to have enough money one day to really go hard on my style tbh and I'm super excited too! <3

| >>750677 Wait I'm an idiot XD

I WANTED to get the Chesire Cat one eventually but the one I'm wearing now isn't Alice. But I got it from my favourite online goth webstore! They have amazing female clothing and always send funny little tarot cards and candies for free when you buy from them!! <3


| >>750687
Awww! That's sweet of you :3

That's oki! If you're not comfortable with it then you're not comfortable with it. I want you to feel comfortable! So no pressure.

Yeah! I do too to be honest. I want to go all crazy with the clothes!

Aw. I see. That's a really cool one though! And I love that they give you little stuff with what you buy! That's really cool. It kind of makes me want to buy there!

| >>750760 Thank you!! ^^

And yes we will both get to where we want to be in terms of wardrobe someday <3

Yeah I also love how if you make an account with them you become a member of the "Coven". Its just super cute and I have loved the site for years! Only downside is that it is based in Australia so it takes a while to ship to other places.

| >>750808
Yeah! We will!

Aw. I see.
That's like, opposite of the world for me! That's probably very super expensive. That's not good.
But it sounds fun though! Almost like a little community!

| >>750818 Yeah it is kind of like that ^^

And I'd say only some things there are super expensive but that's mostly their shoes and the like. Though they have some amazing big platform boots! I love those.

Where do you usually get your clothes? ^^ <3

| >>750829
Ah, oki.

I usually shop at ROMWE, and I'm looking at Shein too. Sometimes Ali Express as well, but that's mostly for accessories.

| This is so wholesome I love it

| >>750860
Aw :3

| >>750831 Oh nice!!!! I need to get more accessories tbh! I'm working on getting more of my piercings done since I only have a nose ring right now but have a lot planned!

But anyways some nice bracelets or such might be nice! <3

| >>750905
I really want to get piercings! I only want for my ears, but I don't have the money to get them pierced right now. It's expensive here.

But, yeah! Accessories are always nice! They add so much! It's crazy!
You should definitely get some bracelets and stuff! It would 100% be worth it!

| >>750923 Thank you for the advice as always ^^ <3

And piercings are great! Any specific kinds you want in your ears? I want to get an industrial eventually and some cuffs but as for other piercings I want a labret and also nipple piercings one day maybe, still unsure.

| >>750959
Hmm. I don't really know. I have some little dinosaur ones that I bought just for fun. But, other than trying those I don't really know. I'm more spontaneous! After I get mye ears pierced I'll just look at different piercings and then I'll know, you know?
Those are some goodie choices though! But, nipple piercing sounds a little scary. It sounds painful and stuff. But the other ones are very good choices!

| >>750985 Awww that sounds adorable!! And I could never be spontaneous XD

I need everything scheduled and planned out in advance, it's what I do. I have a lot of meaningful tattoos planned out for the next few years in the order I want to get them <3

Also yeah I agree they do sound scary but I think the aesthetic might be nice and my gf wants to get them with me XD

| >>751019
Aw. I see.
I'm planning tattoos too! That's not stuff I'm spontaneous with, since it's almost completely permanent and stuff. So for tattoos I also do lots of planning and they have to be meaningful to me and stuff.
But with other stuff I find it more fun to be spontaneous and just see how it goes.

Ooh! That's really cute :3
But you two better be careful, okay? Don't get any infections and stuff because infections aren't very cute.
But if you are careful then it's cute :3

| >>751055 Awww!!! Yes and she already gave me a fucking infection when I last saw her funnily enough XD

Though that was something else entirely.

But id love to hear more about your tats if you'd like to share!! And we'll be extra careful!

| >>751100
Oh no! That's no good. I hope it's all better now! Infections aren't very fun.

Ooh! Sure! But I want to hear about yours too, okay?
One that I'm 100% sure that I'm getting is a tattoo of the date that I met my best friend! We live very far away but as soon as things open up more and stuff and we get to go see eachother we're both getting that together! We're thinking of having a little pretty frame around it and stuff.
But other than that I haven't decided a lot.

| >>751104 Awww that sounds adorable!!! I'm so happy for you! And yes the infection didn't last long and it was a long time ago ^^

Well I have several planned but the first tat I'm getting in about a month or so is the brand of sacrifice from the manga Berserk. It means a lot to me and I've wanted it for a very long time now! Though one of my others that is super important is I want an image of Freja on my right bicep with some runes as well. I'm very into that sort of stuff! <3

| >>751104 Especially since my gf is Danish and all

| >>751131
Oki. That's good to hear.

Wait, really??? That's one of the ones I've been thinking about but not decided on! That's crazy!
Ooh! Frøya! I love the Æsir! That's really cool! What do you want written?

I'm Scandinavian too! So the Æsir mean a lot to me as well. And it's really cool that your girlfriend is Danish! That makes it even more cute :3

| >>751148 Holy shit what are the chances!? XD

That's fucking incredible!! And yes I've always been obsessed with her and because I'm so much taller than my gf and I'm a powerlifter she calls me her shield maiden <3

When I was over there in 2020 she would always have me princess carry her XD

But also because I left a great impression on her parents and they talk about me a lot too I've been learning some Danish when I can so I can better connect with them!

| >>751148 Not quite sure what I want written yet but I'll figure it out ^^ <3

And tbh I've always felt so out of place here but when I visited it was just like I came home honestly. That's where I want to be, so my goal is to move there with her! But also after living with her for a while I want to secretly ask her parents for their blessing, have an amazing day planned out and then ask her to marry me at the end of it in a few years ^^ <3

| >>751148 I take planning and scheduling super seriously so I am ready have all that planned out XD

| >>751160 >>751161
All of that is super adorable! I love that! Also, since I don't live that far away, I visit Denmark sometimes. I would love to stop and say hi to you and your girlfriend during a roadtrip or something one day! You two sound like the cutest little couple!

Yeah! You seem really good at it though so that's not a bad thing.

| >>751170 Omg that'd be amazing!! We should totally meet up the next time I'm there! Itll likely be next year. Or we could just do the roadtrip thing when I'm living there in a few years ^^ <3

And thank you!! It's crazy how compatible we are, I mean its almost been 2 years we've dated now and we made lots of great memories already <3

| >>751170 We have to find a way to stay in contact someday XD

| >>751180
Yeah! I've actually talked with some of my friends about maybe taking a week in Denmark or something like that, but next year I'm probably living in a different country for a while so I don't know when it would be.

That's amazing! I'm super happy for you :3

Mhm! I agree!
Are there any apps and stuff you use that we could talk on?

| >>751217 Aww alright well we'll figure it out! And like I said I plan on saving up enough and moving within a few years and becoming a citizen so we'll have time XD

Well I mostly use discord but idk about putting our info on this board XD

| >>751258
That's true! I'm planning on doing the same somewhere else but I'll still be around in Scandinavia and stuff so we'll figure it out!

I've done it before! But it's probably best to have an alt first. Alt account that we don't use and then send the real one. But if you don't want to do that here that's understandable! I don't mind making another thread like this if I want to talk again :3

| >>751317 Aww yay!! Yeah we'll definitely have time at somepoint!

Hmm we could maybe do an alt yeah! And I dont mind talking on here with you either I'm just worried I'll not see a thread you start and we'll lose contact XD

| >>751392
Mhm! We will!

Yeah! I like this too but I'm also worried about something like that happening. That wouldn't be fun. I can make an alt if you want!

| >>751394 Yes that sounds good if it isn't too much trouble! ^^ <3

| >>751402
Of course not! I'll get it done super soon! Promise!

| >>751405 Alright! And take your time!! When you make it I'll at least say my nickname on discord so you'll know it's me! <3

| >>751419
There's the alt! Add me and then I can send real one and we can talk and stuff!

| >>751421 Alright thank you!!! But it said it wasn't correct and I could add you ripp

| >>751421 *Couldn't

| >>751421 NEVERMIND!!! I sent a request! <3

| >>751440
Ooh! Yay!

| >>751442 Thank you! The real one you sent didn't work but now you have mine so send me a friend request whenever you get the chance ^^ <3

| >>751443
Oh! Sorry! I thought you were just busy. I'll add you!

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