The Game


| How ominous

| Fuck you!

| The Game reminders were going around a social circle I'm in this afternoon out of nowhere, i wonder if i know another g/u/rl

| Oh my god this is ancient

| even though I lose constantly the game reminds me that I existed in a good generation

| The fact that the initial responses didn't get the joke is proof that the Game has long since ended.

| Fuck you.

| Screw you

| Are we talking about THAT The Game, right? It's scaring me

| I lost

| >>749849 the game is powerful enough to outlive our species

| Um, I thought we were talking about :THE GAME:

| *immunity doggo*

| goddamit I had such a long run and after all these years an obscure textboard gets me

| fuck off

| Rule 34
>If it exists, there is porn of it
There is no porn of The game
>It doesn't exist

We can stop playing.

| >>750427
if you search deep enough...

| >>020309

| the game is over. long over. someone killed it.

| >>750427
Pfft, you obviously haven't seen it yet. Keep looking.

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