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Should I try tinder?

| I'm 25 yo mildly autistic virgin btw. Is it worth a shot?

| Looking for a cute girlfriend btw.

| Bumping, cuz I'm in a similar situation and I'd like to hear people's opinions

| Not in current year. Its bot hell.

You're honestly better off going out if you can. When the lockdowns end, the last thing anyone will want to do is stay inside.

| >>745766 Ain't it for meeting up IRL ultimately? Is it actually more for online chatting? What do the bots there do? Ask for your money?
Can't just go outside and date a random person out of nowhere, that's where I thought a thing like that would help.

| It's a microtransaction shit hole with bots, but not unusable. Don't click on any shady links, watch out for bots, and if you aren't getting any matches after a few weeks, delete and recreate your account. Also I'd wait for covid restrictions/cases to go down before diving in. Anyway, good luck g/u/rl, hope you find someone

| I've been diving into it lately, and it's entertaining at the very least. You can find some strange people there. Don't get much matches though, but I barely swipe right so it makes sense.

| Also, if you don't have it, get a Snapchat. Idk if it's like that everywhere, but at least here it's fairly common for people to have their Snap in their bio so people can add you straight away instead of both of you having to randomly find eachothers profiles and both swipe right.

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This thread is permanently archived