answer a question, ask another one #3




| YES.

What do YOU think we should improve on our society?

| (damn I was too hyped to type, the question is

What do YOU think we should do to improve our society?)

| delete israel

whats for lunch?

| pork bao that I melted some cheese on. it was a decent experiment, but the barbecue pork is a little too sweet for this idea.

Favorite mythological entity?

| 100% mythological Enkid├║
Not so mythological Gilgamesh bc they gay and epic
What's your reason to keep going on with life?

| I don't really have one. I guess it's just a pain to make suicide preparations. More than that, there is a chance that it will fail if you use anything except guns and explosives, and that sounds like a pain.

Are aliens real?

| They are undoubtedly real. Believing that we're the only living species in a universe so fucking vast is nothing but narcissism.
Have they ever visited earth though? No chance.

Are you learning any new languages? If so, which one?

| At the moment nothing, but soon I want to learn russian, idk why but it's sounds so strong and confident

Do you think emojis are the most universal language?

| well they clearly resemble body language which usualy is regarded that way

how many cat races are there?

| I didn't even know cat racing was a thing...

What's your favourite cat fact?

| if a kitten has three colors of on his fur, it's very sure is a female, and if is a male, has a lot of chances he's sterile.

Who is your fictional hero?

| george washington

wings or thighs?

| None, breasts, sorry but I hate how little neat there is in both wings and thighs.

What's the worst soft drink you've ever had?

| Thai Strawberry Fanta. It tastes so artificial.

How are you doing?

| >>746120
Learning one month of mathematics in one day for my tomorrow's exam :')

What's your favorite video game ?

| I really liked the first Watch Dogs and A Way Out.
First one because I just replay it over and over again because I just love this game and second one because I played it with my bf and had a wonderful time.

Do you have a significant other ? If not, do you wish to have one?

| >I had things end strangely with an ex, and I'm still waiting for her/not over it. I do want the feeling back, though.

What is your creative outlet, if any?

| (Just wanna know more bout you >>c5a048, what do you mean things ended strangely ? May I know how more precisly ?)

| >>746155 not really. Beforeb creating anything, I try to consume wisdom from other people.

What is your dangerous opinion?

| We should publicly shame the British for putting ketchup on beans

How's the night weather treating you?

| Rained a bit at my place but that's cool, I love when it rains during the night.

What's your favourite weather?

| Misty, it makes me feel like i'm hidden in the clouds (i live on sorta high altitude).

My brother is getting distant with my family, which is his own choice, though my parents are actively trying to reform that connection. Any advice for me?

| *I want to mend the relationship

on another note, some wild claims are being made in this thread

>society will improve when Israel is gone

>George Washington is fictional

>Ketchup on beans

| >>746396
Don't wear yourself out. You can't fix everything. Best advice I've ever gotten when dealing with younger but grown-up siblings.

3 things you would bring to a stranded island?

| >>746398
>some wild claims are being made in this thread
There's a semi-new visitor who posts "controversial" stuff for reactions/attention. Do not pay it any matter and it'll go away. It's the same guy that switches IDs and is trying to start all those troll threads in /new/.

But enough about that. Let's not break the flow of this thread.[/spoiler]

| my house and a magic box I can plug all the utilities into I guess? and an infinite supply of dried mango

what do you like to snack on?

| I like to snack on everything.

What is in your clipboard?

| >>746618 "Access To Arasaka"

What's on your mind recently ?

| My AMC/GME stonks and my declining health.

What do you like to do on your day off?

| read books/manga, chat with my friends on discord, and play something that doesn't require much brain power

whats your dream car?

| A tesla cuz im a shit driver and i need the driving assistant ai

Are there enough recharge stations for electric cars in your area?

| There are no recharge stations for electric cars in my area

What's your most expensive electronic?

| My phone which is only $100.

Would you kill someone in order to save your life?

| well i guess that would fall into self defense and preservation so yeah. Its their life or mine.

If you had a choice between becoming rich but you abandon your family ties and they disown you, would you?

| No. There's not enough money in the world that condones breaking my mom's heart and health.

Do you have any pets?

| No, but I want to have a cat.

Do you want a dinner? Or bath? Or maybe...


| I'll gladly take a bath, if I'm not paying for the water.

How long has it been since you last took a bath? (Bath as in bath bath, like, not shower)

| >>746907 one year I think

Do you have any ideas on how an elevator works ?

| Elevator go up: cable go up and another cable go down
Elevator go down: cable go down and another go down
Are you scared of heights?

| I am afraid of of falling.

What would you prefer? One common goal for all people without any attention to individual happiness (conquering the galaxy, for example), or individual happiness for all people without the future for humanity (virtual paradise for everyone)? Why?

| I don't see the point. Conquering the galaxy for the sake of conquering the galaxy at the cost of what makes us human seems pointless and destructive. The reason we improve our society is to make it better for the next generation. If the next generation doesn't actually have it any better then it's all for nothing.

Besides, we all know that the top 1% will find happiness at the cost of the people doing the actual conquering.

| I fail to see the appeal in hooking yourself into virtual paradises and living in happiness until humanity dies out but who am I to judge. Life and humanity are temporal and the important thing is how we spend what little time we have. We will all end in dust and if people want to spend their lives in a lie then it's up to them.

I'd prefer we find and build happiness in the real world during our limited time here.

What's considered classy if you're rich and trashy if you're poor?

| >>747074 (Conquering the galaxy was just an example. It could also be archiving immortality, figuring out the laws of the Universe, and so on. The point is, instead of completely nothing that we have now, there will be some kind of artificial external goal in our lives. People can still be happy here and there, but it doesn't matter.)

| >>747078 (The virtual paradise for everyone is also an example. You can archive the same thing by stimulating dopamine centers in human brains directly with some wires. In fact, it would be much cheaper, but virtual reality seemed like a more elegant solution to the problem.

People are biologically built for temporary happiness where it acts as a reward. So, trying to build perpetual happiness in the real world without any tricks is by far an unreliable option.)

| (The point of this question was to find whether or not finding individual happiness should be a goal for humanity. In my opinion, it shouldn't. However, I know a lot of people (especially on the left) who think this way.)

| >>747078 > What's considered classy if you're rich and trashy if you're poor?

Investing in shitcoins.

What is your inner animal?

| >>1652ec
[/spoiler]Please don't spam the thread anymore since it ruins the flow. I don't recall asking for your opinion and I didn't read it either.[/spoiler]

A wolflike beast.

What do you do to make this world a better place to be?

| Spread my opinion. Though it only makes the world a better place for myself.

Do you prefer heat or cold?

| Cold!

What is happening?

| Not much, just trying out the 4th season of Fall Guys, it seems fun to me so far

Do you play any Battle Royale?

| no. i don't get the appeal of it. only one i kinda tried to play is Apex Legends bc Titanfall is cool as fuck.

what're you vibing to right now?

| Fallout 4 OST.

Is fancy coffee that much better than "normal" coffee ?

| It depends on what you mean by fancy, but I'd take a freshly roasted, freshly ground cup of pourover over some keurig sludge or charbucks any day.

What's your favorite book?

| Liber Lilith.

I'm bored, what should I do? Offline? Online?

| Offline: Try to invent a new simple food dish with whatever ingredients you have on hand
Online: Try to discover a type of fetish you never knew existed

What's something that's fairly common in another place that you wish would be more common where you live?

| saying "good morning" to strangers. things aren't that cordial in the US, but i hear it happens a lot more in places such as Canada, or Europe.

what is your preferred room temperature?

| The same number as my IQ. Which is 25 celsius.

How to more smart?

| Raise the termostat.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

| Sunset.. sunrise is little scary

Are you loved? And how it's feel like?

| I mean, I GUESS I'm loved since my best friend from 4 years ago tells me so everyday... It's... Strange???? At least for me, went a lot of my life without feeling loved, but knowing someone cares so much about you makes you feel like you can keep going on a lot more and that you have a shoulder to rest on. I really don't know how to put it in words after all this time.

Do you like warm milk?

| Yes, but i never drink. You reminded me to do it again! Thank you!

Why are you gay?

| Cuz on the internet everybody is gay. Do you feel lonely ?

| Yep. Even when I'm with people I feel lonely.

What's your second favourite book?

| 1984 by Orwell.

whats your fav random tidbit you know?

| >>747707
> Crime increases every summer and decreases every winter solely because the seasons mean less/more people go outside
Do you own any guns?

| Nah, I would like a revolver because they are cool, but I don't really like guns at all.

Do you have any plushies on your bed?

| Can't say I do. Have a decent number of pillows though.

If you could have any exotic pet, what would it be?

| probably a bear. bears are pretty rad.

whats a fun memory you remember?

| When i was in 10th grade, i wrote the person im in love with on a piece of paper and showed it to my best friend in class. After she knew i said that the evidence has to disappear and just putting it in the bin was too dangerous for me. So she... she just ate it.

What's a memory of you, where your image of someone completely flipped around or got changed in a way?

| When I was a kid there was a friend that everyone respected. But then he started eating his own snot for no fucking reason.

Do you have any regrets?

| Yes, many.

How often do you read science journals or books written by scientists?

| Sci-hub for life. I like to read some stuff about the climate change or human emotions. Though often I read studies instead of books.

What is the last letter of your name?

| Z

What's your favourite scene from FLCL?

| Do you realize the possibility of you being the only gurl that knows that anime ITT?

Z? Is your name Grzegorz Brz─Öczyszczykiewicz? That's crazy it's mine too!

| No, I'm only known online by initials unrelated to my real name.

Worst food you've eaten?

| chicken liver

what's a interesting but useless thing you know?

| Rats are physically unable to vomit.

Have you ever played Watch Dogs ? If yes, did you like it?

| Nope, never. I probably would've played it if the gameplay was actually about watching dogs though.

Is it realistic to think that no one on an anime-centric website has never heard of the critically acclaimed award winning show FLCL? I find the notion laughably laughable and I laugh at, with and on anyone who thinks so.

| It is possible. I watched FLCL myself but it was on my plan-to-watch list for a couple of years. Though it is strange to not know about this anime at all.

What is the most obscure anime you have ever watched?

| I haven't watched many obscure ones so I'll say Noiseman Sound Insect.

What's the coolest thing you own?

| Rimi Ushigome's pink bass from Bang Dream.

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?

| Yes, I collect things from school that made me cry or laugh or be proud of.

If you could move countries, where and why?

| >>748499 I think that there is no country worth moving to for now. People in the first world coutries are hollow and empty. It is good to have safety in some districts but your entire life is a bunch of lies. Governments in the second world countries are incompetent. The third world countries look like fun but you will probably die in a year or two. So, yeah, there is no hope for me.

Are you winning?

| >>748727 yes son, i am winning.

What food do you want to try out, but haven't done so yet?

| human

what type of people do you hate / like the most? why?

| I've wanted to try eating armadillo meat for years. Just haven't ever been somewhere where it's accessible.

What's your sleep schedule like?

| >>748740 Oops. Bad timing. Ignore this

| next person can answer both

| >>748738 I don't hate anyone because I believe all of us are just accumulations of experiences. There is no free will. So, if every human doesn't have any choice, how can you hate someone for their choices? Rather, I hate the Universe itself.

>>748740 It is non-existent.

Peepee or poopoo?

| Peepee

Do you know what you're doing with your life?

| No, absolutely not.

What do you like more, fork or spoon?

| Why not a spork? Does two things at once.

What's your favourite artist?

| twitter.com/moshimoshibe

Can you lick your elbow?

| Sure, as long if u found me

Favourite cover song?

| Probably the cover of Amnesia done by Control Machete, it's just so fucking good

Do you draw constantly? If so, how do you keep yourself motivated?

| I used to draw naked women when i was young, now im a cop so no. Im too stressed all the time to think of drawning, sorry for my bad english.

How would you move a mountain with a spoon?

| One spoonful at a time.

Since when did the police start calling themselves cops??

| They probably try to appeal to young people.

What is the limit of a thought?

| The limit of my language.

Why is the earth dinosaur-shaped?

| The Earth wants to emulate the greatest food of all time: dino nuggets

What was your first job?

| Cataloguing old stuff for a museum. I remember one time I got to catalogue old photos and it was pretty dope to see how my hometown looked like in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Most of the time I was putting centuries old tax records into a database though.

Do you easily forge meaningful connections?

| Yes.

What do you like to eat?>?>

| Lately I've been eating a lot of red tencils + crushed tomato + garlic recipies with indian spices. It's been a staple for me ever since that Chefs of /u/-thread last summer.

Do you enjoy cooking?

| No, it takes way too much time.

Can you tell me a funny joke?

| Well, I'd tell you a bowling joke, but I don't know if it'll strike.

Where would you like to live, and why?

| >>749970
In a secret land so I can conquer the W0rld

Why are you so lazy?

| Probably because of depression and shit.

Favourite flavour of ice cream?

| It used to be caramel but since a couple of years ago I can't get enough of dark chocolate. I think I've gotten old enough to feel the psychoactive effects cocoa has on me. It's like a very mild THC high that can be "supercharged" with exercise.

What name should I give my next RPG character?

| Kapacuk

Do you understand when people lie?

| Yes, because there is no truth in this world.

Stay home or stay homo?

| You can do both.

Do you think that your opinion should be the baseline of all opinions? Or, in other words, do you think that everyone's perception of our reality a bit off?

| The scientific consensus among educated experts should be the baseline for our opinions. Everyone's perception of reality is a bit wrong but scientific reasoning

| Do you play any sports?

| The only thing I play with is human lives. Also tennis from time to time.

What is your favourite YouTube channel under 100k?

| Usually I would say ThorHighHeels, but they just hit 100k. So I'll say Kunitaka Watanabe, because his videos are wholesome, and always make me happy.

What is the best sport in Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort?

| Table Tennis. No question

Whats something you've been wanting to do for a while but haven't for whatever reason?

| Getting a haircut. For reasons...

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

| I am SO sorry. I dont drink alcohol.

Why is my peepee hard?

| You are horny anon, go to horny jail

Would you prefer buy a mascot like a dog, or adopt a kid?

| Hehe mascot. I think I want to keep a pet cat in the future.

Can you describe your favorite clothing item for me?

| I don't have favourite clothes. As long as it doesn't have too many holes it is good.

Can you answer one of the previous questions which you liked the most?

| I guess I kinda wanna adopt a kid who is like 5 or 6 years old. I think I can pull of the single father look.

What would be the first thing you do in the country of your dreams?

Really a want to eat those xxl size borgars compared to my country

Do you like dinosaurs?

| I think, they're cool, actually. Never really studied them, but I find them... sorry, I can't find a proper word for that feeling.

And my question is:

| Because.

Would you rather swallow the Jill pill or the Dana banana?


| Do you like veggies?

| Yes, they are an integral part of my recent diet and it helps make me feel slightly better.

What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

| Technically all objects are moving with the speed of light, so I would say it is pretty fast.

Do you have an intuition behind the theory of relativity?

| I have enough of an understanding to know that we do *not* travel at the speed of light trough space and neither does unladen swallows, so there's that. You're thinking of spacetime and that's not what the swallow question was about. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Do you get enough vitamin D? A diet with insufficient vitamin D in conjunction with inadequate sun exposure causes vitamin D deficiency. 80 percent of people who died from Covid-19 were vitamin D deficient by the way.

| I have no clue what foods have vit D in them, but I have adequate sun exposure, so I'm not worried. Thanks for the reminder though.

What kind of cookies do you like best?

| I really love soft baked cookies. So tasty!

What is the weirdest worldview you ever heard of?

| Anarcho stalinism.

Do you play games on easy mode?

| No, I don't, I play on medium skill and up depending on how accustomed to the game I am.

Has the weather in your area been weird recently? We got snow here yesterday hence why I'm asking.

| We had hail a couple of days ago and snow two days in a row followed by stark sunshine today. You don't see this kind of weather often but there's nothing weird about it.

How many houseplants do you have in your home?

| Six small ones, but all of them are owned by my family members. I don't do shit with the plants at all.

How would you hide a dead body if you had to?

| >>751372 I would try to hide it under ground.

Do you like pickled mushrooms?

| I can't eat any pickled food that isn't cabbage. There's just something about the taste that's way too strong for me.

Do you say pecan as "peh-con" or "pee-can"?

| Pee-can.

What's your toilet paper orientation?

| I just put mine on the floor. Too lazy for anything else.

Have you ever witnessed death?

| You mean someone dying in front of me? Thankfully no, I'd probably freak out.

Do you consider yourself a good cook?

| I don't consider myself a bad cook, but I don't think I'm great at it either. I'm improving though and that's what matters.

What's your process when you want to get comfy and relax?

| I go put some chill music (mostly lofi) then grab some snacks and a drink, the I just relax.

What would you do to became rich af. If you have everything to do it.?

| I'd open a huge farm sell food, feed people that kind of stuff i don't have any interest opening a yet another factory or a company

What would you change in your favourite book?

| I can't really pick a favorite book, but I think all books would be better if they included Dana Zane in some way.

What's something that you wish there was more fanart of?

| Furudo Erika from Umineko. Such a cool character deserves way more attention.

Do you have a wish?

| Yes, but I can't tell you

Do you pay for premium streaming services?

| Nah.

What fun things do you do when you go outside?

| I don't go outside because I'm really awkward and all my sense of humour is based around me being cringe only so other people laugh, and when I go outside I just go get fucking wasted.

Do you like hugs?

| Hate them. They're awkward and weird. I know they're supposed to be good for you or whatever, but I never feel comforted by them.

What do you think the coolest musical instrument is?

| When it comes to the sound they make I think Sitars and Handpans are the coolest instruments. I'm thinking of getting a Handpan but they're really expensive.


Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?

| | Stairway to Heaven. gotta just vibe sometimes.

What was the last thing you laughed to tears over?

| I honestly don't remember. It was probably a couple of years ago. Kinda sad.

Flopa or doge?

| man thats a good one actually. ive always been more of a cat person so probably Flopa.

what do you wish you could experience for the first time again?

| Peeing

What's something you wish you never had to do again?

| peeing

if you had the funds, what hobby would you get balls deep in to?

| Peeing

What are big cats and dogs doing when they mark ther territories?

| Peeing

What's your favorite pastime?

| Peeing

Do you have any big actions for the future?

| Peeing


| Peeing

What is you grand plan to save the world?

| I don't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders so I don't have any grand plans. But peeing might help.

What's your favorite beverage?

| Margaritas, they are so good

Do you prefer sweet drinks or bitter?

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