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Modern Dating

| Shower thoughts material:
Asking for a girl's Discord is basically like asking for a girl's number huh?

I'm on this dating app, so far asked for three girls for their Discord. First two, ghosted. Third one I got them digits and we're planning a call.

| Not everyone uses Discord though, probably. Especially since it was initially intended for "gamers" mostly.

| where I am, it's discord for casual stuff and instagram dms for this purpose. so I've decided to forgo that process for the time being.

| Everyone seems to just have their Insta in the bios on this apps so guess that makes sense.
I just have Discord and a barely used Twitter though.

| >>745637 This has always seemed so weird to me. Everyone has a phone number, but when it comes time to exchange info why do people say insta or snapchat first? EVERYONE has a phone number why is that not people's go to anymore?

| >>745722 apple users hate seeing a green bubble around their text messages. I don't know why, maybe they just don't like the color green. I think they chose to use insta and snap over text simply because of this

| >>745754 I will never understand rich g/u/rls.

| Matrix bitches

| Can I get out of the matrix, pweaseee?

| Not the movie, the messaging platform

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This thread is permanently archived