I just turned 20 and i still havent kissed a girl.

| Ive kissed and fucked/got fucked by a dude tho but im attracted to girls. What can i do?

| Just be you :)
Who you are is not dependant on whether you've had some sexual experiences with the same/opposit/whatever sex. You know what you like and there is no time limit for that.

Hope you find a lovin gf soon!

| You'll get there. Probably. Eventually. Although I'm 25 now and I have gotten nowhere so far, so take it with a truckload of salt.

| I'm 22. KHV.

| I will kiss you rn, where do you live

| Just get out more. It's kinda hard rn since, well, virus, but just being more social and maybe trying some dating apps/sites could easily get you there.

| Give up

| >shrug

| ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

| Who really cares?

All of that stuff is overrated, and age to experience with that kinda thing shouldn't be a measure at all really.

Sounds like you've already had plenty of experiences anyway, so it's not like you have that stigma.
Just take it at your own pace and let things come to you at the time they do.

| >>741163 thanks this helps.

| Kissing is better than sex.


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