has...Lady Gaga like ever dated a woman???

| I dont really listen to her music but I saw a comment mentioning she's bi and like...she has literally ONLY ever dated wealthy cis white guys and ????

and of course questioning this makes you biphobic which...sigh why I stay out of the discourse. But yeah has she like literally ever had any kind of relationship with a woman?

| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Coincidences like that happen
All my exes are bi, some of em only had relationships with guys cuz it's way easier finding guys that are into girls than girls that are also into girls

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I suppose. I figure itd be a whole hell of a lot easier with the kind of money and reach she has. And of course it isnt my business. But then I think about how we expect a bi person to show rather than tell in media (bi visibility). Idk man I feel like it wouldnt all be so messy if celebs didnt try and publicise and commodify every facet of themselves. I just have this voice at the back of my head muttering that she's queerbaiting with the aesthetic somehow

| You've thinking too much about this op. Her sexuality and who she's dating is her own business.

| I can understand why you would think that she's queerbaiting, and I don't want to call you wrong for considering that. But, I think that whether or not she is doesn't really matter. There's no way to tell for sure and it doesn't *really* do any harm if she is, so I don't think it would be fair to use this as a reason to discredit her in any way.

| Whether or not she actually is bi, though, doesn't mean this isn't anything but an attention grab. The best response though is to ignore it. By making a post questioning it, you've expanded the power of the mind virus! and now everybody on danger/u/ is at risk of continuing the chain. So, I guess making people question how serious it is could be part of the strategy. We've already seen companies use ragebait for advertising, so there's precedent to consider that here.

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Yeah i suppose

True. I'm gonna go back to not giving a shit about celebs lol

| didn't she have a fling with a female assistant or something? idk I don't pay attention to celebs

| >cis
Stop it. Get some help

| Everyone else itt: *engages honestly*
Some weenie: "uwu u said cis wahh the ideology nooo not on my niche messageboard from a game with a transhuman lgbt protag wtf noooooooo"


| Why does this read like a Tumblr discourse post

| The only Lady Gaaga I know is a judge from the UN's court. I will never forgive that bitch. I mean, I did commit some war crimes in Yugoslavia, but so what?

| Dunno, go ask her probably?..

| Again I can't stress this enough, Go outside.why does it matter what someone identifies with and why on earth do you have the energy to care.

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read >>741026

sorry to peeve you with my question though babe!!

| You see this kinda thing everytime in other religious place. Public figures convert to the majority religion to get out of drama/ to be more successful. When you questin them, or point out how they are not what they claimed to be, you get shutdown for privacy reasons.

It's almost like people who support/judge others based on their gender/race/faith identity is easy to manipulate.

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