how do I deal with this feel

| the only thing that I find fun now is masturbating. wish I was a futanari whose lust could never be satiated and I just spent all day every day masturbating and fucking women.

| Go outside

| I love sex.

| Eat fish and do push-ups, working out both arms instead of just one. It will help!

| >>740688 I mean I can understand the exercise as a physical release with similar effects, but please explain the fish.

| Read an intelligent book. I'm serious. We're addicted to short-term stimulus. Dopamin issue. Read a book thoroughly and enjoy your mindset changing when it finishes.

| go exercise :) that's how I get motivation to find other fun things to do, also helps cures the horniness

| find a hobby

| just rape

| >>740695 i'm assuming bc it's good for building muscle and maybe also bc it helps with thinking clearly. like helping against brain fog and stuff.

| Use your horny powers to learn a 3D software to create that futa

| >>740797 how is that supposed to help

| >>740668

| I love sex.

| yes

| Seriously go the fuck outside. Touch grass

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