why are you locked in the bathroom?


| well my husband is likely posessed and trying to kill me with an axe so like

that's fun

| It's my safe space. People don't care about what you do when you're just in the bathroom.

| Because I dont want anyone entering while Im taking a dump and watching youtube

| You talking to me?

| Shut up I'm trying to poop ;-;

| >>740542 I would say HI5, but neither of us have washed our hands yet. Still on the toilet.

| I made some TP vodka, I'll slide it left! I'm in the corner stall btw

Also I came in here to cry so don't worry it's cleaner than normal

| >>740534

Maybe you should try getting a job

| *picking up razor blades*


| I lived in a room with 4 other people, in the middle of the night wanted to play dress up, locked the door. Then the door handle decided to break.

| >>740528 They do but pretend they don't. And judge you on it.

| >>740707
okay, where

| >>740868 here.

You are hired.

| >>740868

majestic 12

| >>740868 anywhere, start looking and applying

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