Ask me anything

| i made this thread in 2020.. but i miss it... and because some threads get revive, i tihkn that is kinda sad don't do it here ^^
Feel free to ask me anything, i will answer everyone ^^

| Who are you?

| Do you like sex ?

| Why are you here?

| >>739589 i'm me ^^
>>739597 i'm shy af so.. but i guess that yes xd
>>739601 because i like this place, and boards like 4chan are uncomfortably so much large xd

| How old are you?

| >>739629 22.. i feel old ;-;

| >>739636
G/u/rl that's not old. Still plenty of time to mess around and make mistakes.

| what is your feeling on the fact that theg killed sex

| >>739639 it's nice from you, thank you xd
>>739656 how? :o

| Do you understand ASL?

| Is it safe?

| >>739684 Assembler? Asp.net? American Sign Language? idk, i don't understand them to being honest xd i can understand only two fingers touching, but i guess it's doesn't count xd

>>739688 idk about what is speak, but internet is pretty dangerous place where is a lot weirdos... Ohh hello, i'm weirdo xd

| >>739679
by killing it

| What is your native language?

| What is your social security number, your mothers maiden name, and your first pets name?

| >>739791 i mean, who/what is theg?:o
>>739822 czech xd
>>739879 my social security number is pretty nummery, my parents aren't really interest to talk, and my first pet was called Kuba (but honestly it is pretty lame name, but it wasn't chosen by me or so.. it was really cute cat) ^^ my favourite tiger toy was named Nero (inspired by video player duh) but idk.. but i usually lies in security qiestions, so it's pretty useless to you i feel xd

| >>740007
the person that killed sex

| >>740062 i don't know who it is so i can't judge, but theoretically this person could kill sex.. justi'm curious how they can do it xd

| Are you really laughing when you type "xd"?

| Is democracy overrated?

| Are you aware of the opioid crysis we are currently in? What do you think we should do about it?

| Does China fakes its growth rate? Do you believe in CCP?

| Should we allow corporations like Twitter influence politics in countries that much?

| >>740078 hmm, it's some kind of sarcastic laugh, so kinda yes, if i do facing like this or not i will let speculating community xD
>>740079 Anarcho-capitalism is future xD jk.. democracy is acceptable probably, but i feel that populism is really breaking system of democracy, one my persona is really liberalistic, and at other side i sometimes wish that voting rights would have only people with education or maybe some kind of course critical thinking "^^

| >>740080 if is speak about opiod crisis as usage of opioid drugs, honestly i didn't notice any crisis, i would be glad for some article if you know more ^^ maybe can be higher educational prevention about drugs, but at other side, i'm not thinking that drugs should be taboo, i feel that can have same kind of restrictions as for example alcohol
>>740081 i feel in general skeptical about china, but i'm not judging it, i think that time will show more ^^

| What do you thin about Wittgensteins Tractatus logico-philosophicus?

| >>740082 Social media should have some kind of regulations, i feel that conformational bias and alternative media is something what can have high affection in votes, and i feel that corona did showed it uo more.. i'm sorry that i wrote it in a lot messages, honestly really complex questions, i didn't expect that ^^

| >>740104 before read your question i honestly didn't know author and book, so i cant tell probably really a lot, but from anotation and quote "the limit of my language mean the limits of my world" i can agree..im not thinking that in west world languages is something specifical, but for example Japan system of hierarchy or specific words are own world in some way, and in languages with small count of speakers may ll'be something what i wasnt thinking about before.it can be interest

| >>740103 https://www.drugabuse.gov/drug-topics/opioids/opioid-overdose-crisis

| What is your favourite colour?

| Do you like pineapples on pizza?

| Was Einstein right all along, and we won't have our faster-than-light traveling between galaxies?

If yes, will we ever become interplanetary species? Does it even important?

| Would you prefer to live in a city or in a small village?

| Are you afraid of spiders?

| No one really argues that height is a partly genetic thing. However, for some reason, we base our educational system under an assumption that intelligence is purely environmental. In my opinion, this is a wishful thinking, but if it is not true, _should_ we change our education to be more efficient? For example, we could divide kids into different classes based on their abilities, but it might lead to further social, or even racial, inequality. Is ignorance bliss after all?

| Would you ride a unicorn?

| >>740181 thank you for article ^^
>>740182 Maybe black.. but also Purple, Dark Blue, Green.. i can't say that i have only one "^^
>>740184 pineapple on pizza should be ilegal xD
>>740185 i don't believe that is possible travel faster than light, so i'm worrying that we won't.. but theoretically here can exists wormholes, what could make travelling possible without need travel faster than light, also i read about that black matter could have something to do with 5th dimension...

| >>740185 ...but i think that we are not technologically far enough to being able travel interplanetary, now is years talking about travel to Mars/Venus.. it will show time
>>740186 i like live in city, but i wouldnt mind to living in larger one ^^
>>740189 yes xd but also i would like to pet it in glass
>>740217 i dont know honestly, it can be maybe good idea, but i think that should depends on choice of kid, if really wants to, i would let both
>>740222 if i wont fall xd

| >>545ce8
Why are you so lovable and cute? How do you make it seem so effortless?

| >>740301 why are you thinking that am i cute? I'm not xD

| >>740325
You act cute so ...

| >>740329 how can i act cute? I don't realise if i said anything to being honest xd what is making me "cute"? What is your definition of cuteness or so? xd

| Best way to break an egg?

| >>740352 i would say, throw egg but i'm not sure if isn't catch in it xd of course exists more or less radical solutions like, headpalm egg, step on egg, use acid, shot it, use explosives, nuke, really depends on what kind of egg destruction do you love... personally i would like this one because is little challenging: https://youtu.be/39c3IKOpc1Q?t=4

| >>740357 I just like to carefuly tap the side and split it in half.

Anyways, best anime?

| Beer or wine?

| >>740400 best anime.. difficult question xd i would probably say death note, because it is kind of anime what can be recommended to everyone i feel, but i expect you are already knowing.. Personally i liked Mirai Nikki, Another, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Clannad, Cowboy Bebop, GitS, Lain, but also lighter ones like Umaru-Chan, High School DxD, SAO and so xd
>>740414 i don't drink "^^

| Is this reddit

| >>740683 don't say the r word>downvote you

| >>740683 i'm not using reddit, i'm using danger/u/ ^^
>>740732 >/d/ you

| >>740736 is that so? *stab you*

| Are you gonna win a chess match in /v/?

| >>740740 i would want to count, but i don't remember xd
>>740751 i didn't notice that someone replied, i feel that it's already lose, begin i played little experimentally, but let's see xd

| How was your day?

| >>740895 i was sleep, i live while night :c

| How was your night then?

| >>741028 today i did wake up in 18:xx, but from bed i get 19.. i was going to eat something.. than little watch netflix, than i did played some matches in cs:go and rank up to silver iv, than shortly watch netflix and now am i going to check danger/u/ and going to sleep.. and thinking about one person

| How big is ur dick in cm?

| >>741127 i wasn't measure, i don't know xd

| Where are questions? ;-;

| >>741502 measure your dick for us please?

| >>741508 we are in /u/ not in /d/ "^^ but i can say that answer can be saved in integer xd

| What's your guilty pleasure?

| hmmm bdsm? xd

| Anal vs genital masturbation?

/d/ wasn't horny enough for me

| >>741692 genital xd
Truth we need b/d/sm xd

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