answer a question, ask another one #2

| HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

The last question in the previous thread was...

Is there an anime that made a big impact in your life?

| Yes, Monogatari, Jintai, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, Bakuman, and Boogiepop wa Warawanai.

How are doing in general?

| Not very good, actually. But I am pretty sure all my problems are from myself only but that isn't a 5 minutes talk.

Can you kill a person?

| In self defense or in the defense of an innocent, sure. But I know I'll have nightmares about it.

If you could eat a "fruit" that would let you unravel the mysteries of the universe would you eat it?

| Yes, but I probably won't comprehend the result.

Will you abandon me and join the other impostor thread?

| No.

What was the last time you felt genuinely happy?

| >>736184 When I was playing video games with a guy im gonna date soon.

What do you do when you're crying ?

| Stick my nail in hand very painfully. Not even intentionally most of the time. And also hug a pillow very hard, felling worthless and pathetic. It does help thought.

What and why do you smoke?

| >>e930bf Why did you assume that? I don't smoke

Do you like chokers?

| Yes, I do! I would love to wear one, especially the more minimalistic ones, that are just a black band.

Are you gay?

| Nah, although I do love me some futa cock.

Why do you hate where you work?

| I'm not working, but I am a student and I hate how no one seems to give a shit this year.

Would you call yourself horny?

| It really depends on the day, but based on my sex toy collection, all answers point to yes.

Why are you horny?

| Honest answer? Dicks. Like, not just futa, but you know, any will do. I like the thought of getting pwnetrated and/or doing so, and I need it bad, haha.

What kind of sex toys do you have? (apologies for the horny questions.)

| I have a fleshlight and two different types of lubes.

What's your biggest kink?

| Hmm. I can't really quite say, I usually don't have a big kink, but right now, I am into blood-sucking and also licking sweat. I think that it's neat. I also like dick girls.

What's your favourite sex act? (I. E, think BJs, handies, etc?)

| Probably just straight up sex.

What's your favorite program on your pc?

| Hm. I would say Discord. Sure. I like talking to my friends on it.

What's your favourite video game?

| Dark Souls 3. Also, Dark Souls 2 is underrated

How do you tell if a girl you met and talk to online is into you?

| I honestly can't quite tell. There is a kind of a subconscious feeling that when I chat with them, there's an energy/sparks flying between us, as we get down and go into deeper, sexual, even, topics.

Did you play VA11-HALL-A?

| Yes, I did. I found this app before the game, some two, three years ago and bought the game after.

Least favourite country?

| The Netherlands. All of the people there are rude against my people, and they pretend to be so smug and 'woke' while also not even remotely acknowledging the historical crimes they have committed.

Favourite animal?

| Dogs.

What kind of historical crimes has your country committed against the Netherlands?

| Not enough, and I should note that I am not a German or a Frenchmam, or God forbid, a British person.

Which is your least favourite country in the West hemisphere?

| USA.

What western country is your favourite?

| San Marino hasn't colonised anyone and isn't a glorified tax haven, I think that I will go with that.

What country do you wish to visit?

| I wish i could visit Iceland, it really looks stunningly beautiful.
The wilderness there is breathtaking.

( >>736418 funnily enough i live kinda near San Marino, it's a chill place and it used to be kind of a tax haven a few years back, not so much anymore)

What's the last game you bought?

| Muv-Luv.

How often do you eat?

| Twice a day, very healthily.

What's your favourite fruit?

| Mandarins and clementins.

Which one's your favorite Cyberpunk/Cyberpunkish book?

| I liked Neil Stephenson's The Diamond Age, but these days I am rather critical of the genre. Sure has gone wayward.

What's your favourite genre of fiction?

| Historical fiction is a lot of fun.

When do you usually wake up?

| Around 10-11 in the morning, if I'm lucky. Getting out of bed may be later.

What's your favourite movie?

| Seven Samurai. I'm a bit of a bitch for Kurosawa films, and even more so for samurai flicks.

Breast or thighs?

| Between those two, thighs, but Ass Is King.

Do you think backs are sexy, or if nothing else, pretty?

| In general ? Dont really care, however I find my man's back very sexy and beautiful, especially the way it moves when we're fondling each other (im on my back and he's looming over with his head nuzzling in my neck).

What is the thing you like to do the most with your partner/significant other ?

| :(

What is your favorite book?

| (This is so sweet and cute, thank you, g/u/rl!)

I'm going to interpret this as non-sexual, but I think that I would like to just kinda hang out with them in our place and tease each other and be cute.

What's your favourite meal?

| >>736536 Tie between Catch 22 and Snow Crash.

>>736537 Anything barbecue, especially ribs

What toppings do you like on pizza?

| I really like corn, which I have been mocked for. Meat and olives is always good.

What's your idea of intimacy?

| Being able to see each other weaknesses

Do you have a lot of friends?

| Yes. In fact I'm intimate with a few of them. Would you like to join?

| I am not an annon above you but sure! Add me synalice#4642

blol or elele?

| I don't get this question, but blol.

>>9538d9 maybe~

Do you wear scarves?

| Not really, even when it's -10 here unless I'm on anything with two wheels.

| What do you dislike the most?

| Uhh, right now, my university is pretty dislikeable, especially in these conditions.

Do you drive?

| yes. by Ryan Gosling.

average flushes per shit?

| My toilet is kind of weird and doesn't flush hard enough, so I usually use a bucket to get it over with.

Favourite non-Western movie?

| >>736822 langgan-hen the second movie of gurren lagann

If you could eat any food you ate before right now, what would it be?

| I'm a simple person, I'd probably go for fish and chips.

Most favourite game? (besides VA-11 HALL-A, sorry)

| Soma. I just fell in love with this game. Its lore, its gameplay, atmosphere. It is just gorgeous

What was the most embarrassing thing you've done? (or it happened to you)

| Asking a girl in 7th grade if she's wearing a bra.

What has been your proudest moment?

| managing to get a gf. i didn't think it was possible.

what're you most skilled at that you want to brag about to an online forum?

| I'm probably the best in the world at exaggerating my abilities.

Who's the funniest person you know of?

| One of my college friends is the funniest. He always tells so many silly jokes that makes me laugh like a mad man.

What is your biggest regret in life?

| Not taking some summer jobs seriously.

What's one type of food you would rather die than go without?

| If water counts as a food I literally cannot live without it.
Ok now seriously, i'd rather kill myself than being deprived of Ice cream.

Now hear me out babe, what if the balls got hard too?

| balls... ARE hard. or at least they're certainly not flaccid. since I don't understand the question, my answer is "that'd be pretty fucking poggers"

what is your favorite palette of 3 colors?

| Pink, purple, blue: the bi flag.

What is your favourite genre of music?

| Pink, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult: the bi boy bands.

Bad jokes aside I guess my favorite genre would be psychedelic rock/stoner rock/desert rock. This is the best I can do solifying my favorites into a genre since I'm not too into the idea.

If you had to pick one song as your theme song that plays once every morning when you wake up, which one would you chose?

| (BOC/DP are considered bi boy bands? Explains so much really.)

Right now? I feel like Clean by Depeche Mode might be appropriate, but I can't really give a consistent answer.

Playing off that question, what would be your theme song when introduced as a character?

| Sewerslvt - Psychosis

Did you overcome your weakness?

| I've overcome some little weaknesses. But I think there's probably some bigger weakness for which I am not even at the stage of knowing what it is.

How often do you talk to your parents?

| Every day.

What's your go to place to eat when out with a friend or on a date?

| A quiet and calm cafe with outdoors seating.

What song would you play to someone if they want to know what you listen to?

| Toilet by clowncore

What'd you rather kill a person you know w/ gun or kill a stranger w/ your bare hands.

| Stranger with bare hands.

Is this your go to message board?

| Yes, I would say so, it is better than the others.

Have you ever wanted to wear an amulet?

| The thought has never crossed my mind. Glad someone made me consider it though, cause now I know I don't want to do that, hehe

You sleep ok babe?

| Absolutely not, haha, I go to sleep late.

Do you have a quirk you always tell people about?

| Yes, and they get confused when i tell that I'm very popular with cats

Are your parents divorced?

| They weren't married to begin with but they went their own ways.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen over the past few days/weeks?

| My message to some random guy. That was quite embarrassing.

How are your stonks?

| Ain't no stinking stock trader!

Do you like rain?

| The rain itself yes, especially when I stay indoors. But the air pressure when it rains usually gives me migraines unfortunately.

What do you do when you feel down?

| Try to read. Play games. Um... This might sound weird but I also sometimes just bite into a lemon and suck out its juice? It feels very refreshing and it clears your mind.

What's your favourite video game genre?

| WRPGs or twitch shooters I guess. If they ever combine the two I'd be in heaven but no such luck yet.

What’s your first executive order as queen of dangeru?

| All incels on /d/ are to be immediately banned. What's the point of authority if you can't suppress someone?

How'd you find danger/u/?

| I searched va11-hall-a on play store without any reason

Latest book/manga/novel you read?

| The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith, it's an amazing take on the process of desalinization in the USSR.

Library or movie theater?

| Library, for sure. Quiet. Calm.

Why are you reading the book you are reading now?

| Because I didn't read it when I was supposed to back in school.

Hardcover or leatherbound?

| Hardcover I have a lot of fond memories in the library at my schools and that's all we had in terms of "premium books"

Do you have any memories playing old flash games in school that stand out to you?

| That one where you play as Bush and shoot terrorists.

Sandwich with chips anord a cookie or chimichanga with rice and beans?

| Chimichanga because it sounds cool.

Are you rasist? Why not? Why yes?

| I'm not, because it is enabling oppression of all peoples, not just those who are direct victims of it; the chains of prejudice keep is from realising our true enemies, the bourgeoisie.

Is there anything that you would die for?

| For my favorite person "^^
Who are you?

| "I am Yu, and he is Mi."

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

| African, or European?

Do you like Black Sabbath?

| "What? I don't know that." *dies*

I've heard of Black Sabbath before, but never really listened to them at all, really.

Favourite season and why?


| Spring. It is warm, but not hot, and the way life returns is beautiful. Shame that it is one of the more intense academic periods...

Would you suck a dick?

| Not really, no, not that anything I do would actually lead to that.

Would you consider yourself an inside or outside person?

| I'm the most at peace when I'm in the woods or the fields so I guess I'm an outside person even though I spend most of my life in front of my computer.

What is something that most people learn only after it’s too late?

| >>738506
meaning o' life ofc

what's the most evil thing you would be capable of doing?

| Probably killing someone.

What's the kindest thing you have done?

| >>738546 I dont think I've done a lot of kind things in my life. I buried a dead cat and kitten once.

Whats something you wished you had known before trying something new?

| Sex. The number of ONS I've had because I didn't know what I was doing greatly outweights the number of girlfriends/fuckbuddies I've had.

Are you ready for the dating game after the vaccine shots?

| Probably not going to vaccinate quickly enough.

How's your mental health?

| >>738568 I was doing pretty well until a few weeks ago. But, since then, I've really felt like I'm missing the kind of close friendships I want. Also, I've started floundering in online school. It helps having a vaccine on the horizon though. As long as I keep in mind that a change is possible, it's the slightest bit easier to deal with.

What's an album you recommend?

| >>738590 i dont know if other people fuck with this kind of music, but i really liked resin by kill bill the rapper, and solar flare, skin, and new moon. its all on spotify and its pretty much just rav and kill bill.

when was the last time you had a bath?

| I haven't had a bath in over a decade, but I shower everyday. I miss bath tubs to be honest, when I get a house, I want to bathe with candles.

Candles or incense?

| We live only once, so both.

Is our progress really a good thing?

| What progress ? Like, scientific progress ? I guess its cool to know even more about the world around us so yea.

How do you get a man to love only you ?

| >>738686 love someone who doesnt get much love and they will be with you forever.

Top 3 pizza toppings?

| Corn, meat, cheese.

Do you play non-DnD tabletop RPGs?

| I play Sumbaroum and Vampire the Masquerade almost every week. Used to play Coriolis before we switched to Symbaroum.

Who was your favorite TRPG character?

| >>738691 I made one for me and my friends, original system, 67 races, huge map and a very broad magic system.

Highest score in a endless runner?

| >>2f3a59 pretty difficult to answer... I think that I like all of my characters. Perhaps my Expert in Monster of the Week who is a weirdo Daoist heiress to a real estate empire in Chicago.

Have you ever played games of the Powered by the Apocalypse system/genre?

| >>738741
No, but it's interesting enough to warrant its own thread. We mostly stick to rules light nowadays for its flexibility.

Do you have a trope that you never get tired of? If so, which one?

| I think that I love seeing a Straight Man that is so into it that he actually sounds completely deranged.

Do you prefer online or in person TTRPG?

| >>738817 in person, online just doesnt feel the same

Best weapon ever?(real and fiction)

| Real, well, I have always admired the durability of Soviet firearms like the Makarov.

What social media do you use?

| I use discord, Instagram, and this.

Best type of atmor?

| >>738842
Dunno what atmor is. ddg says its a brand of water heaters. Ceramic is the best type of armor though.

Do you contribute or do you derail?

| I'm the one who tries to explain how a thread got derailed and then is frustrated because she derailed it further.

Are you thicc as fuck?

| >>8dfbc7
Idk rlly, i have fat legs but my ass is small af

Can you describe your ideal partner type?

| >>739098 someone I could live with for 80 years and that was able to live that long with me too ~v~

Best way to create a nuclear reactor?

| Kill the god of sun and feed it yo a crow.

Would you love 'Me'?

| I don't know you but I love every living thing at least a little bit.

What do you know that you have not been taught, that you have not learned; beyond bodily functions?

| I don't know pretty much everything about how this world works.

If the only moral option is to reduce entropy then piracy is completely essential?

| yarr, of course piracy is essential, ye landlubber!

how's ur day :)

| quite good!

is it morally correct to execute a death penalty in extreme cases? or should criminal(who has committed a serious crime) be taken to the therapist and taken care of to give that person a chance to recover?

| Personally, I think the best way for me to change peoples' behavior is a way without any punishment. But I also think that probably just doesn't scale. I'm still against the death penalty in any case.

How long are your showers? What do you like to think about while you take them?

| 45 minutes to 1 hour, oil heat is awesome, as I don't run out of hot water! I want a japanese tub for a 6ft person though, but that's impossible due to money and space constraints. I just wash myself, no thoughts. Why? Because time seems to pass more quickly in the shower.

Do you sleep with or without socks on?

| Depends, if it's freezing I keep them on but once I wake up during the night, I take them off.

Do you have sex with or without socks on ?

| If the pants go off then so do the socks.

Which toppings should I have on my pizza today? Please don't say corn...

| Pineapple and bacon, with diced tomatoes.

How well do you all like your steaks?

| I don't i'm a vegan bitch.

Gurl who reads this, go ahead and pick any question in this thread that you want to answer. Enjoy

| If it's good quality beef I order rare-medium or occasionally medium-rare. If it's pork or if I suspect it's cheap meat then I don't take any chances below medium.

What's your favorite snack that goes with alcohol?

| i could destroy some beer nuts while drinking a few cans, but usually i just munch on whatever is at the party. best shit was some carrots/sugar snap peas and dip though, that has to be my favorite.

whats your favorite alcohol that goes with snack?

| I don't drink "^^

Are you what are you wanting to be?

| >>0a228c
I want to be a successful person but here i am

Where is your favorite place?

| Mountains.

Do you want to live somewhere else?

| yeah, absolutely. My current country cannot provide a desired level of education or life

are you a people person? how do you go about maintaining your social life?

| I'm quite isolated and reserved in social situations and don't know how to start a conversation, many friendships have died off this way, if it isn't a lack of a mutual interest with most of my classmates during my time in the UK or just in general.

What was your favourite topic to read in school, if any?

| science, hands down. physics is absolutely radical. was always a huge nerd in robotics. that being said, I suck at coding lol.

what's your biggest passion?

| History, learning it, teaching it, visiting sites and what not.

What's your go to dish when you visit a new restaurant?

| We mostly have chinese resturants here and I always try the shredded beef with bamboo and mushrooms.

Otherwise I go with whatever steak they have served with BNB early potatoes or potato gratin. I'm boring like that.

Who's your favorite minor VA-11 Hall-A character?

| Dawson, by far.

Who's your favorite major character?

| Major Tom

What's your favorite recipe (in less than 300 characters)?

| Handmade enchiladas with shredded chicken.

What's your least favorite food?

| Plastic bottles.

Did you ever eat plastic bottles?

| does eating the plastic caps count?

why did you suck on pennies?

| i succ pennies 'cause they're money, and i like money

is your bed warm and comfy?

| very, very comfortable, what about yours?

| Yes but it's even better when you're with me.

Have you ever eaten a balloon ?

| >but it's even better when you're with me.


no i haven't eaten a balloon, thankfully.

worst meal you've eaten at a restaurant?

| fettuccine alfredo at some hipster spot, I could only taste the margarine.

Do you have tissues on your desk?
if yes, what brand?

| No, I don't :c
I have a stock of regular Kleenex in the living room
Did your first act of intimacy went good?

| Yes, for me at least. She was probably disappointed... maybe. We did it 3 times so maybe not.

How have you been lately?

| Tired, irritable, like I wanna just sleep for an entire week. Better above ground than below it, though. Probably.

What's your favourite genre of game? If not game, category of movie?

| Sim racing! I personally find it quite enjoyable. Despite being expensive, it provides a unique experience. For example, I do enjoy this feeling of long practice sessions: you driving alone, concentrated. Battles on track are especially spectacular. Moreover, idk why but racing excites me on another level
Community is small but lovely

What music album(or song) had the most influence on you?

| Probably Carpenter Brut and similar synthwave/darksynth artists.

So, you sleep well?

| Im one of those people who can pass out instantly no matter how stressed or anxious I am so yeah 100%!

What is your passion?

| My passion is a girl going by the name of Alice. I'm maniacal about her, while she thinks that I'm kind and cute. She's not ready for a relationship from what she's telling me, but preparations are in action~ I love her. She made me feel whole since the first time I fell in love. Everyone deserves someone like my dear Alice...

Do you have issues with your eyes? Having to wear glasses or just eyes tearing up without any reason.

| I wear contacts with strenght -1.25 so it's really minor.

Alice, who the fuck is Alice?

| I don't know who Alice is

do you know who Alice is?

| For 24 years I've been living next door to Alice

Alice? Who the fuck is Alice!?

| The truth is, you were Alice all along.

Do you have a dangerous opinion about something?

| Yes, about trannies and people who identify as something else than male or female.

Do you sometimes feel like you're the only one who have different opinions without being an extremist?

| No, I can usually find other people who can see the same point I do. If I was the only one who believed in something I most likely would've been wrong(or a friendless shut-in aka clueless).

When did you last have sex?

| Yesterday with my girl, we're lesbians.

Do you love someone?

| I do, but she doesn't reciprocate.

Plastic or metal?

| Metal because you can beat it back to its original shape. Plastic just breaks or melts and you've got to replace it.

Do you still watch the TV? (Tell what country you're from if possible)

| No, I haven't owned a TV in more than a decade, from the US.

futon or couch?

| Couch, idk what a futon is

favourite pizza?

| Margarita or the "America" from my local pizzaria (there's spicy meat, ketchup, and some other things that look brown, really suits america and tasty lol).

Favourite cheese?

| cheddar in borgars, god i love it

How many times you're been rick rolled?

| 12+ times
That's 11 too many

How do you make this site more wholesome?

| idk, delete /new/ but then /u/ would be inundated with shit from there

how 2 punch god?

| Die, so you can fight him on his own terms.
Same goes for ghosts.

If you could remove one faith from the world which one would you choose?

| >>742430
That's a toughie, taking away just one faith group doesn't do a lot aside from disrupt balance, and choosing just one faith among them all seems more prejudiced than critical.
I'm gonna cheat and say "other", grouping in all the new age churches and cults like Scientology etc.
All religions have a degree of corruption and harm to them, but new age cults consistently cause the most harm directly and intentionally, so I'd eliminate those.

What is the best sweet/candy?

| >>742435
Twink precum, have you forgotten?

What should I do today? Knowing that I'm a depressed hikki shutin loser.

| Go outside

If you were a best selling author but found out that the characters who die in your books are real people who die in real life. Would you continue with your career?

| I would write more books and kill more characters.

Physical books or audiobooks?

| Both. Especially when I didnt read a 400+ pages book I was assigned during the holidays. Put the audio on ×2 and have the book in your hands so it's easier to understand. Saved my life.

Do you like me :) ?

| I like all g/u/rls on here!
Lovely green Eye by the way, can I buy you a kebab?

How to not dumb?

| Idk, i'm one of them
What do you think about me?

| you're cool

how do you live with yourself?

| Day by day, and taking on challenges and dealing with my own flaws out of sheer spite for others. (Doing things because others say differently is one hell of a motivator)

If you could go to space, would you?

| Hell yeah it's my childhood dream and I get a selfish card for it.

Do u know how grass tastes?

| Yes. It is bitter.

Can you swim?

| I can pretty well, but I rarely so it. It's my favorite type of excercise.

Swim in fresh or seawater?

| Seawater means beach and since going rhere is pretty rare for me soo seawater rulezzzzzz!!

What do you think of the end of the world?

| I don't think much of the end of the world. But there is a strong possibility that human greed and the 0.1%:s thirst for control will be a cataclysm for our demise. Our climate, geology and wildlife are already in the midst of breaking apart.

What do you do to make the world a better place to live?

| >>742746
I try not to be a complete asshole towards people. That includes being as polite as possible and helping those around me whenever I can. It's much and I'm not really sure if it really counts as 'making the world a better place to live', but at least I make an effort to not ruin other people's days

What are your plans for this year? Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to?

| I cannot wait to move away from this boring city, to an isolated house with my friends and start life anew there. It won't be perfect, but it's a start.
I also plan on getting a tattoo after I move.

If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

| Having inattentive ADHD when you're a grown up is a living hell so I'll delete that.

Have you ever tried any psychedelic drugs?

| No, but the friend who I get weed from wants to try em, and I want to be there when she does, for her safety.

Would you rather feel isolated in a city or feel not isolated, in an isolated house?

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