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The Old Tomes: Horizon's Edge, g/u/rl Edition

| >Suddenly, inexplicably, you hear the sounds of a horse snorting as it pulls the wagon down a poorly built path, probably made from cobblestone, you think, as their hooves strike the ground with each clop.

>You blink your eyes- a hot blast of wind and sand blows into your face, getting particles of sand stuck in your mouth. As you move to wipe your face, you hear a voice from just in front of you...

"Ah, you're finally awake." >They say gruffly,

"Ambushed by that Federal patrol, same as us, and that scavenger there."

>You open your eyes despite the stinging sensation of sand and other debris blowing into it- you're on a junky looking wagon that looks bolted together with scrap, rusted durametals, some of which are covered with golf ball-sized bullet holes, its interior fashioned with thin peepholes twisted together out of barbed wire. You're right next to one of these tormented looking windows, which probably explains why you're getting a face full of dirt and dust in spite of the wagon being covered and roofed.

>In front of you are three men dressed in bits of ruined plate carriers and bandoliers, one of whom is completely covered from head to toe in binds- there's a glowing collar around his neck that mysteriously has been affixed to his mouth as well. You attempt to flex your wrists- it looks like you've been given the same treatment.

"Bah, I'm not like you terrorists! I make an honest living!" >The man next to you, a youth covered in the remains of an apron and a windbreaker spits in your general direction. The man who spoke earlier laughs.

"Watch yourself, scav. This man here is none other than Igneous Scalecoat, the Forsaken Duke of Stronghold."

>At this name, the scavenger quiets down- then, you hear fearful squeaking.

"Yes, that's right. We're all brothers and arms now, scav." >He says, turning back to you.

"...Or sister, as it were. Forgive me, it's hard to tell what you are in that getup, with you saying anything."

>Looking downward, you only just now realized what he meant... you're covered in an exo suit of some kind, which completely hides who or what you are underneath.

>But enough about that.

>What do you do?

a) I ask them where we're being taken.

b) I want to escape this vehicle.

c) I want to ask the voices in my head. (Suggest a custom action- actions will either be combined or the most popular one will be chosen, within reason.)

| a

| c

| >>735785

(You need to suggest an action to select c, lol.)

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