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| Love is such an insanely strong thing.
Be it love for your dearest friend, for a close family member or a romantic partner you resonate with on every level.
Love is something so raw and genuine that it can override anything else.

While it might sound cliché, the famous "power of love" is a real thing that some people swear by and others deny.
I feel like the people who deny it have simply never felt it before, because anyone who's had their love tested know what it truly means.

| Having your love tested is like being on a cliff, with your hands tied to the ground and weights chained to your legs that are hanging over the end of the precipice.

You can untie your hands and fall.
You can roughly crawl your way back up.
You can do nothing and be torn apart.

There's not a single thing in the world more satisfying, relieving, emotional and character defining than sitting safely on top of that cliff, untying your hands and unlocking those chains.

| I'm not high and I'm not pretentious.
I'm just emotional and sleep deprived.

| You can interpret chemical reactions in your brain however you want.

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I'm well aware that it's simply chemical reactions, but the people who pretend like those specific chemical reactions are unimportant to them, barely impactful or that they're above "simple chemical reactions" are sad, sad people.

Honestly, anyone who lives life with the mindset of hard facts and what things technically are mattering more than how the chemicals in your brain makes them feel and the impact it has on them and the people around them are very tragic people.

| Just remember that, like any other drug, love wears off. It doesn't make your experience less valuable, but when it does, make sure the person you love can be at least your friend. That kind of relationship is the most powerful and can last for the rest of your life. Otherwise, love is just a vicious cycle.

| >>730874 I don't think that calling love a chemical reaction is a bad thing. It is just what it is. Relationships based on friendship are more reliable than relationships based solely on love. Of course, you can have both, but it's rare.

| I probably ruined another thread, so, um...


You can have this rare dope version of Experimental Lain's opening as compensation: https://youtu.be/bKjAj9Lc674

| Understand, Understand,
Understand, Understand,
Understand, Understand,
The concept of love!

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You just straight up didn't read what I wrote...
I wasn't talking about specifically romantic. It was actually closer to the opposite. I also didn't say that calling it a chemical reaction is bad.
So, why don't you actually read it this time and then respond?


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You mentioned the romantic type of love too. However, I agree that my point was irrelevant to what you actually meant to say.

The truth is, I am that tragic person who doesn't know what love is. So, I guess I am just jealous?

Anyway, good luck to you and your loved ones. Stay healthy.

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I figured, but, don't worry. Instead of trying to look at the negative sides and shit just because you don't have a lot of it, well, you will have it eventually. You just need to find new people and befriend them, stay in contact with nice family members and if you find a really good one, try out romantic love.

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