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Still feeling like a teen

| Still live with parents, Still in education, Still make no money. Feel like the 5 years between being 16 and 21 didn't exactly change much besides the school building I go to.

Maybe it's on me but I don't see how the difference in time itself changes anything. The things that make you an adult kinda seemed more like a money thing and I know guys in highschool who had the cash for it back then

| Being a teen is not about age. Until you live on your own and earn your own money you will still be a teen, even if you are 40.

| The concept of having to be like this or that at a certain age is, complete bullshit tbh. The stage I'll be at in life very soon is one I'll be at for years to come. I'll probably be 23 or so by the time I have any actual, school certified qualifications (I'm 17 rn). But that just means I have a bit more time to fuck around and not take everything so seriously, don't it?

Try to see the positives. At least you haven't rushed into a hellish job you can't handle or something, right?

| Oh hell I'm 23 and I'm still working towards my first degree and I'm still living with my parents.

I've started earning money on my own though. Not enough to live on, but enough that I don't have to ask my parents for my personal expenses. Don't know if that's the make or break line, but I feel a little more adult than a teen now.

| You don't grow up with age, you could be in your late 20s and still be a child.

| don't feel compelled to "get a job" and "move out" or anything. stay in education and live with your parents while you still can.

you only gain brownie points by moving out and bragging about it online. cherish your family and friends and the fact you get a roof. move out on your own when you're financially ready

| >>730922 OP here to say yeah but also I'm a shut in living in a small house. Only reason I don't share a bedroom with my siblings is cause I decided to sleep on the couch

So maybe what irks me more is just that it's too crowded. I don't exactly care about statues as much as I care about the freedom that is associated with adulthood.

I definitly got used to it, but all I can say that yeah I hyped up turning 18 a bit too much

| >>730966
Freedom is a strong word homie. But, you'll get something along those lines eventually. Don't worry. It comes at a different pace for everyone.

| >>730823 when your job becomes your routine youll start feeling old

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