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so, uhm, i went on a date

| it was a very nice, slightly thrilling event, and it was awesome.

we didn't eat at a restaurant or anything, though we spent several minutes looking for a place to eat.

we held hands while we're walking, and i was pretty awkward about it 'cause this is my first time being on an actual date with a girl. i was worried that my hands are too rough or the gaps between my fingers are lightly sweating, but shed doesn't seem to mind

| she pulls my arm around her waist, which is a really heavenly feeling. my hand on her waist. i didn't even to ask her for it, it seems she have read my mind.

in the end, we settled on a roadside gutter at the back of a hotel, shielding us from the blinding light and heat of the afternoon setting sun, being just two people telling stories and ideas to each other, with occasional hugs and a lot of hand holding

| some might think what happened here isn't what constitutes a date, but idk, i feel like it is one, and i want it to be one.

i love her a lot.

| If you both call it a date then it is a date, and it sounds like a pretty nice and wholesome one at that.

| Hand holding?! Please move this to /d/

| So happy for u OP

| aww this was adorable, congrats OP

| Congrats!

| and also I was pretty hard almost all the time, was that normal? I don't feel the horny but boy, was i stiff

| Social distancing tho

| >>730875 Yeah that's normal. I'm assuming you're fairly young, like around 15. It's a natural reaction to being excited/nervous. Just keep it masked and you'll be fine.
Back when I was around that age I found skinny jeans to be a great help in that department.

Glad somebody on this board is having a genuinely nice time.
Just keep things steady and try to maintain a slow build up towards more coupley stuff rather than going all out with emotions straight away.

| ah, i remember my first time. it was singlehandedly the greatest time of my life.
best of luck anon, don't rush it ;)

| >>730875

Totally normal. <3

| >>731591 Yikes mate...

| >>731591 Someone's salty about being ugly and lonely.

| >>731646
Yeah, that'd be me, but you still don't see me acting like >>696c63 and>>66f182 do. They're just assholes.

| BTW congrats OP. Here's hoping for more wonderful dates.

| this is like a safari where we colletively observe the infamous seether

| >>731994

| Someone please remind me again:
When did people start doing 4chan roleplays here?

| Well this went from wholesome, to toxic real quick...


| yeah there are some middle aged dudes here stuck in 12 year old circa 2003 mode and it's exceedingly obvious

luckily they tend to fuck off after a bit

| Also, congrats op

| Yeah op, you did more than 90% of the g/u/rls here (including me)

| >>731994
I agree with the cheating thing
If he is unsure if it's a date or not then that is how some women act

| >>5d69db I would slightly agree on the cheating, but discount on how this dude is acting like it's 2007 version of 4chan

| >>732107 >>732099
I have no idea where either of you got "cheating" from. From all accounts this seems to be OP's first date with this chick and yall also seemed to misread him saying "some may not call it a date" as "i am not sure if this was a date".

Learn to read and stop shitting on people having a good time smh

| ^lmao lile i said
12 year olds from 2003 /b/

| yes

| >>732166

fucking newfags gotta lurk moar. smh. /b/ was a mistake etc.

| i always though dates are for losers but whatever

| >>732293
nice to 2 know homophobes are still a thing

| >>732306

dates are for pussies and fags like op

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