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I got a part time job

| I'm scared.

| Why?

| >>730681 What do you mean why? Corona is everywhere right know she is just scared that she might get it.

| >>730693 corona is nothing more than just flu you dickbrain

| >>730697 Said someone who never got cockbig 19

| >>730697
Yeah no, it hits harder and has some really fucked up lingering effects. Not to mention the rates at which it triggers further complications. Granted, there are indeed some lucky folk for whom it's nothing more than another flu. Some barely have symptoms, if any at all. But those are relatively few and far between.

| what do you do at your job?

| >>730697
Oh no. The ignorance...

| >>730980
Oh no. Your meds...

| >>730693
I mean, op's job could be working from home? Op might not live in a place with high (or any) infection rate? Corona is a big concern when applicable but that's not the first thing that came to my mind.

| >>731009 This is not 4chan.

| >>730663 Is this your first job too? I just got one recently and was prettt nervous myself.

| >>731176 but you still need to take your meds tho

| bros...I forgot I even made this thread... I'm scared because I've been a neet for the last 5 years and left the house about 5 times in that span of time. I'm socially retarded bros.

| Also stop calling me her. Im a guy not a girl. the tranny stuff needs to leave this board forever

| >>731313
N'wah, why are you even here in the first place if you don't like the staples its built upon?

| wdym the staples its built upon.

| >>731313
Ah. I now dislike you on multiple levels. It's very obvious that you're socially retarded.

"There are only girls on the internet" is an inside joke on this board, which is why we say "g/u/rl" or "she" for everyone. It also just makes things easier, because since everyone's in on the joke nobody gets pissy over being misgendered and we don't have to start every thread with our gender (unless it's a very serious thread where the gender genuinely matters).

| >>731323
do you dislike me because I want to kill trannies.

| >>731499 that, and you aren't aligned with the board culture, and you're also saying how the board should be when you don't know about our common inside jokes. I also think you only want to kill trannies because you've either never actually talked to one, or let yourself interact with them, and you're probably actually wanting to kill some strawman stereotype you've invented to represent trans people, but maybe that's not my business.

| Generally, this isn't 4chan or another board and it's better that way

| >>d258da
No wonder you're socially retarded. No one wants to talk to you so you can't get any practice.

Enjoy your neverending loneliness. No one will remember your existence.

| >>731538
Yeah, exactly. "I want to kill trannies" is the most overused, edgy 14 year old bullshit my man. That's not what this board is about. If you want that kind of attention you should go somewhere else.
On the off chance that you're transphobic, then yeah. That's more than enough reason to dislike you as a person and everything you stand for.
It's very obvious though that you're most likely just a shut-in who's spent his whole life on 4chan, which is why people don't like you.

| Well at least this came up in a thread about this person getting a part-time job. I would expect that the social interaction required for that will result in a change for the better. Also, OP, I don't dislike you, I dislike your behavior. So between these two things I am saying that if you change we can be chillin. If you think danger/u/ should change, we ain't be chillin.

| >>731561
Preach it

| >>731536
I don't actually want to kill trannies. I don't care about them that much. I am aware of the inside jokes. I've been on here since the beginning. It was fine back then because that's all it was. Jokes. But at some point in the last two years actual trannies took over this board and it's kind of annoying. In other words, I can't really take it as a joke anymore. because it usually isn t a joke.

| >>731674
But, it's not really funny, is it? If you're trying to be funny, that shit is the absolute cheapest form of shock humour that only 14 year olds who genuinely hate trannies might laugh at.

You see, not adapting to the fact that people don't find that funny, well, that makes you socially retarded.

Also, are you trying to blame trannies for your joke not being, well, a joke? That's just petty.

You gotta adapt. Gotta grow up a couple years. At least if you want to be liked.

| you misunderstood my post. read it again.

| >>731712
I read it again, but I didn't understand it any different. Sorry.
Could you try to explain? I'm by definition retarded so it's hard for me to interpret things in more than one way.

| >it usually isn t a joke.
This is just not true. Secondly, who cares whether or not some people take it a little more seriously? There's no way you can even fucking tell who is trans here unless they tell you and even then I can't see how they're bothering you. The only time they do anything bothersome is when people like you start talking shit.

You're the one who's choosing to make it into anything but a joke. Once again, you are creating this enemy for yourself.

| nvm I hate trannies they aren't even people

| Schrodinger’s Asshole (alt. Shrodinger’s Douchebag): This phrase refers to the practice of making wildly outrageous claims and deciding whether or not one is serious about them based on the responses he gets afterwards. Faced with serious and/or compelling criticism, an individual employing this tactic may well claim later that she was just joking the whole time (perhaps adding that her critics need to lighten up).

| If on the other hand, no-one produces a serious criticism, she may stick to her argument (perhaps even taking the silence as a tacit form of agreement). Her reasoning thus occupies a state somewhat like the superposition of Schrodinger’s cat; it may or may not be taken seriously in its initial form. The question will only be answered over the course of future discussion and at the convenience of its original author.

| The obvious point of this gambit is to avoid taking responsibility for the arguments one produces.

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