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This is beyond mentall illness

| How does someone ever become a furry in the first place. what could possibly lead to this.

| Nah, it's not that bad. You would be surprised how fucked up humans can be. Furries are just people with strange tastes.

| Hey man, furries might look weird from the outside, but having been friends with a couple of furries, most of them are pretty cool folks.

Uhh. Most of them, at least.

| >>730412 same.

Though one of them probably died because he/she tried transition with illegal drugs.

| >>730383 you're gonna need a better bait, try trans next time (please don't this board had enough)

| >>730400
no bro. it's bad. Are you honestly going to tell me that some guy in his 30s putting on a fur suit and barking while having gay sex with other men that are also in fur suits is not that bad. come on.

| >>730433 Yea man it's not THAT bad cmon.

| Yeah, if 'i don't like it' is "beyond mental illness" no point talking to people, we're all too insane

| >>730433
I've seen worse

| >>730383

First time on the internet?

Just wait until you find out about...


| >>730433
I mean... All things considered, that's pretty cringe, but we really have seen worse. Way, way worse.

| So we're literally on a board talking about incest constantly, and the guy cries about people putting on disguises. Mmok.

| i prefer criminals to perverts

| Furry is a basic ass fetish, and for some people it ain't even a fetish but rather just an RP community they partake in for the sake of escapism. To be honest I kind of envy them. Having so much care and passion for something you find fun and being part of a tight-knit and creative community sounds amazing.

| >>730383 furries ain't downhill. Enjoying and defending rape or pedophilia and similar is way worse.

| >>730938
What this g/u/rl said

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