Let "pog" die

| Twitch has killed it, and while I think it was kind of a dumb decision on their part, I honestly wouldn't mind the emote dying as long as the term dies along with it.

I've talked about me having tics on this board before, and "pog" and especially "poggers" are for some fucked up reason trigger words for some of my tics. Sometimes if I hear or even read it, my condition literally forces me to scream either "poggers", something inappropriate, or both.

So, it would be kinda nice.

| I dunno, I like the word, even though whenever I use it my younger sibling would look at me as if I'm a grandpa holding a skateboard and saying "how do you do fellow kids".

Your bias is understandable, though.

| This thread is not poggers

| Killing it in such a public manner is just going to make people use it even more, much like what happened after "simp" etc were "banned."

| Not very poggers of you

| i take it you haven't caught niggerpoggers yet?

| >>730466
That is actually a tic I have, and I fucking hate it.

| >>730513
learn to enjoy it homie, maybe that'll even make it go away

| >>730515
I mean, in a way, that's kinda how it works. Being scared of having a specific tic makes it more likely to happen bad the people close to me understand my condition, so we just joke about it. I still usually try to hold back that specific one though, which I should probably work on.

| >>730533
embrace the niggerpoggers and become based

| >>730536
I'd rather not.

| >>730466 does that mean something is good or bad? I can't tell

| I hate the internet

| I'm so glad it's gone. such an obnoxious word honestly.

| Well PogChamp is gone, but not POGGERS which is the pepe version in BTTV.
PogChamp isn't even gone, they're rotating the faces of it now.

| Peg

| Cloggers

| faggers

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