| Hey are any of you into vtubers at all?
I follow a decent amount of hololive nichisanjii and indie vtubers.

| Mostly just watch Korone and a few clips of the others from time to time.

| I dont even know how it happened but am subbed to all of them. Definetly a different kind of addiction.

| Eh, not really? I watch some clips on youtube

| I really like pekora.

I also follow a couple of artist, the vtuber's "mamas" because the rigging process is really interesting to me

| >>7b8c57 pekorws birthday was on tuesday January 12th if you missed it

| a

| >>730118 the shark speaks

| The only thing losely related to hololive that i care about is Rushia Black Metal. Damn, that voice... these screams...


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