What would your most absurd dream job be?

| Like, a job that is tottaly out of the realms of reality as we know?

Mine would be an intergalactic ambassator, communicating with alien species and exchanging culture sounds super appealing to me, also the possibility to travel trought space

| Future historian (or maybe reverse archeologist). Time-traveling to every possible future and making a note of what I see, so present-time society can steer progress to one of the better futures.

| >>729789 ah so a time travel anime main character?

| >>729791
Yeah but I got paid for it :)

| >>729796 *STONKS*

| Hmm. Maybe, like, prostitute but taken to the extreme. Just, like, anyone can use me for sex whenever they want, and then I get paid daily just for the fact that people can do it and maybe I have some sort of implant that makes my stamina really good.

I would want the pay to be really fucking good though. Like, really fucking big money.

| Star Lord.

| Painting sunsets in dreams, to make people happier.

| >>730020 That's beautyful! I would want to be a full time blacksmith. Dang, that would be a amazing!

| I would want to follow famous people around and catalog all the dumb shit they say.

| I want to collect trash in the orbit in a spacesuit. Like in Planetes

| living in the woods after a vague disaster that keeps people away from urban cities and towns. living in a hunter/gatherer commune free from our governmental corporate overlords and uncertain future, with the only authority to worry about being the rules our descendants may make.

| Memeist

| >>729836
The only thing impossible for you right now is an implant. The rest is basically what would happen to you if you were a prostitute

| This is probably predictable considering where we are but I'd love to run a cybernetics clinic. Helping people with new implants, servicing old ones, checking out the latest tech being used to improve humanity.

| Penis taster. Like this guy


But with cocks

| >>730092 you can maybe work for CNN xd

| Cool would be being bounty hunter as in cowboy bebop... Where are my space friends?

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