I am finally at a point where I can speak Japanese in a pseudo-fluent manner. It took mr 3 years to get here BUT

| But along the way I lost my love for Japan and don't know what to do. I feel like I wasted a lot of time since I am not planning to live in japan anymore. How do I fix the situation g/u/rls?

| Korea

| >>729657 but then OP would have to learn korean.

OP come to Brazil!!! We have the biggest japanese population outside of Japan

| >>729665 You know all my years listening to Touhou Bossa Nova covers might make me choose Brazil lol

| Why did you lose love for Japan?

Congrats on becoming fluent though.

| >>729670 Hmm... now that I think about it, maybe I never loved Japan itself. I used to obsess over japanese media be it anime, games whatever but now I cannot stand the overacting in them. At first I knew I could score a graduate program in a japanese university and then decide for myself if moving is a good idea or not (or even possible?). These days tho... I don't even wanna try.

| >>729678

Ouch, sounds like burnout more than anything, I think. :<

| >>729679 Soo you think it will get better if i just don't think about Japan for a year?

| 3 years to fluency is pretty fast, op. You must have been pretty dedicated, huh?

I do think burnout is part of it, because you studied so much so quickly. Try not to worry about it. Even if it feels useless, it might come handy in the future.

| >>729701

this tbh

| >>729646 become chinese spy working in japan, problem solved xd

| I see. You g/u/rls are alright. I wanna talk to my family too before making a decision. Should also probably look up a cure for burnout. Thanks everyone glad I posted this thread.

| translator?

| Imagine how much a baby learns in 3 years?

Not a fair comparison but just wanna say you did good if you know more then a 3 year old.

Like I'm currently burned out on a LOT of things, but a thing I wanna do is find a casual setting where I'd use my German with no pressure. Let it all just take a backseat to something actually enjoyable.

| Come to Brazil Op ! Just don't go near northeastern Brazil, it's literal hell (especially Bahia)

| its so cool that youve learned a new language. if you dedicated alot of time to that and succeeded, im sure that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to! even if you've lost your dream of moving to japan, i know you can do greater things. i am taking a shit right now btw

| >>729879 Inspiring words my friend. Thank you!

| >>729815
For a second I thought you're making fun of op. A baby learns a hell lot in 3 years.

| Without setting aside the fact that I am lazy and don't have the self discipline to learn Japanese, I think I'll also get burnout in the middle/end of learning the language.

I think one of the appeals of anime/j-songs is how foreign and unique it sounds. Once it become familiar, it will lose some of the appeal. I can imagine some words that they use in songs can be cringy/has shallow meaning and that's not a problem if I don't understand Japanese.

| >>729665 >>729838
Not to hijack, but how bad is Brazil right now for lone travellers? I need to visit a friend but also do not want to die.

| >>730010 what if the problem is not the language but you listening to the cringy songs though?

Honestly, people, why do you sound so fucking depressing? Every developed culture has a lot to offer. If you started to dislike one popular medium just try to enjoy something more niche and obscure. Don't like anime? Try manga. Don't like manga? Try visual novels. Don't like VNs? Try books.

| I am Russian myself, so I can understand why people might dislike the Russian language because of our currently popular TV shows. It is only natural because you need to have an IQ below your room temperature to enjoy them. However, there are also a lot of outstanding books that you can't truly enjoy to the same extent in translation.

So, sho/u/jo, it is okay to dislike anime. But you can always try something else. Don't give up!

| After working in Japan I lost my passion for the country/culture BUT every day I found super cool things to enjoy. (precovid) Japanese friends took me to cool restaurants and we chatted with the owners, I often found hidden art galleries and the artist would be their to chat with, soooo many movies I've never even heard of to rent, etc. Language unlocks a whole new world for you to explore.

ps Russian seems like a cool language to learn

| Hmm. I mean, just knowing a language like that can be very rewarding in a lot of ways, even if you don't live in Japan. Personally I'm planning on living a year or two in Japan together with a friend of mine, which is why I'm interested in learning the language. But for me the language in itself is something I'm interested in learning just because I find it extremely interesting and it's very different from the languages I know.

| >>730011 economical crisis and inept government, aside from that its a really good place

| >>730051 How did you start working there? Also what made you lose your passion?

| >>730011 Well, it depends. The thing about Brazil it's that's a really big country, there are very secure and peaceful cities (especially those on rural south) but if your friend lives in Rio de Janeiro or some spots in São Paulo then prepare for a possible mini civil war and bandits

| I dont want to ever live in japan because i dont like the non direct and sometimes "lying" culture. Also racism and mysoginy. But u know why i still learn japanese? Because of japanese media and the entertainment industry. Remember that if u still like that. Also Japan has interesting literature (also media) idk there is a lot. And a lot isn't coming to europe so i still learn japanese

| i want to learn japanese so that i can know if the guys on 2chan are calling me gay or not

| >>730180

baka gaijin

| >>730033 that's my whole point... if I don't understand the language, I would never have to worry/get the cringe.

If I listen to songs in my mother tongue, the deep and poetic ones sound cringy/try hard while the popular ones usually sound lazy and effortless.

| Other example, when I listen to english dubbed anime/ play dubbed JRPG games, I always cringe at the high pitched female voice, they just sound so fake. Meanwhile, never have that problem with japanese dub, even if the japanese VA is basically doing the same thing. I believe most of it because I don't understand the language and not familiar with how some words are spoken in daily life.

| >>730432 instead of fighting the cringe you can embrace it.


| I mean, I understand your point, but is it really ok to live in ignorance?

| Also, I think the Japanese dub is really better in most cases. However, that is because anime is a _Japanese_ medium. I tried to use the Japanese voice acting in some English games and couldn't stand the overreacting.

| >>730073 I started teaching English then went into graphic design. Both jobs were hell. 10-12 hour days. Employers just don't care about foreign workers because we're easily replaceable. My Taiwan friends had worse jobs in warehouses. In the end not much time and energy to enjoy life. That was just in the beginning, I figured out better living now

| >>730857 Thats quite interesting. I heard about cruel working conditions in japan before but some of my proffesors that previously worked in japan said it was fine for them. Thanks tho it is good to know what could happen beforehand. What is your life these days you mentioned you found a better way of living? Just curious

| >>730904 I started teaching again at a chill place (like 6 hours a day super rare). University jobs are really relaxing, low hours and high pay but require masters degree. If you speak N2-N1 level Japanese there are a lot of different types of jobs available. I'm still N3 so not much for me yet.

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