Why is this board so obsessed with sex?

| I never had sex before so I can't know. But the abundance of sex related posts make me curious. Is adult life all about sex or are we just roleplaying as horny anime girls?

| We are just mourning it. After all, Theg killed sex long time ago.

| Is this your first time on the internet?

| It wasn't like that before, but this board was contaminated by degenerates and now it's like that

| Theg is a hero for saving us from the terror of sex

| I love sex.

| How the hell do we manage to all have green id?

| I love sex.

| I love sex.

| I will kill sex.

| The world is obssessed with sex what do you mean.

| Wait..

| >>9cea19 >>a2e62d >>5dad41 >>80a326 we have problem guys

| >>137f5a ohh and here too

| >>729734 pls don't kill sex

| >>729753
Houston... We have *no* problems.

| This board? Let's get real it's the internet in general. When you have default anonymity it's just easy to be horny.

| On one hand, yeah the denizens of the net are a bunch of degenerates.

On the other this board the g/u/rls have a special type of degeneracy I like.

| so yeah at a scan i can see that like nearly every post in /u/ is not about sex sooooo maybe ots a you thing OP?

| You got a point right there >>729826

| >>729811 danger/u/ is the cute kind of horny as fuc%

| whenever im on the internet i roleplay as an incel neckbeard who lives in his moms basement. are we supposed to be rping as cute anime girls on danger/u/? i am a short east asian dude myself so i might be able to fake it.

| >>729734
If you kill sex, what will we love?

| >>729826 yeah. OP maybe you are on /d/ that is for horny stuff

| >>729915
theg is love theg is life

| For everything can anime
Anime was a mistake

| Anime only makes sex better

| This board is really lgbt and lgbts are obsessed with sex most of the time. Very uncomfortable

| >looks at the rest of culture

| While we are at it, lets all meat up for a sex once we got rid of corona-can

| >>730230 First Danger/u/ convention becomes the new biggest orgy so fae

| *Far

fuck me

| >>730237 o-okay

| >>730236 i totally wouldn't mind that actually

| >sexes you

| >>730236 on one hand this has obvious upsides but on the other I don't think I want this board to be advertised to the public by our legendary orgy

| >>731067
I don't think I want a legendary orgy if we allow everyone from the board. Make it 18+ and check ID first. Then I'm down for it.

| >>731067 we could make banners with the name of other companies so they get the blame aand not we. Of course with the signature /u/ so we g/u/rls know its the real deal. Like Grindr/u/ or Pornh/u/b

| OP, everything is about sex.

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