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Who wanna be my friend?

| I feel too lonely sometimes and I just slept through my holidays and now I have to stay up cuz of school but I dont wanna.

We can talk if you wanna

| I can be your demon.

In fact I already am. Just praying by.

| passing by*

| Demon praying, lol

| me too. sometimes i just feel so stagnated from being in the same place constantly, and i hate it.

| I can be your friend, or at least pass on some encouragement to your guardian angela

| Maybe i can try it.. but usually i doesn't keep contact with person for long

| I wouldn't mind!!
Do you have a PS4 or sumthing? We could play online if you fancy

| I will be your friend

| Might be biased but I feel the g/u/rls here make for good friends

| >>729460 who wants to hang out in my sex dungeon? I have food and a ps5 and the pandemic board game+expansion and a risk table. I can make lots of different foods from scratch too!
I'm very lonely and never got covid. Please someone visit!

| >>729496

| >>729145 did i post this in this thread before or is there someone out there who feels the same way i do

| If you drop your Discord I wouldn't mind having a chat or two.

| I can be your friend

| >>729496
Do you Catan?


| I'm gonna man up and just drop my discord username here, please don't be weird:


| >>730018
Catan fuck yes! Online catan is a thing you know, and it doesn't have to be about sex.(is catan sex even a thing lmao?)

| >>731569 Wood for sheep?

| >>731008 Guess I'll do the same. Cynna#0101. Be as weird as you like with me.

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This thread is permanently archived