Your "Thing" of the year

| What was your personal "Thing of the year 2020"? It can be a game you've played, an album that got releaseed or anything else. It doesn't matter what it is, or how old it is to the public, the only thing that matters is that it was new for you and the best of its kind.

Here is my thing of the year: Portal.
Of all the games I've played for the first time in 2020, Portal 1 was the best.

| Silent Hill 2, hands down! I've been avoiding the series for a good chunk of my life for some reason, and I've finally decided to try it out this Halloween. The only thing I truly regret about this whole ordeal is that I haven't done so sooner. Such a wonderful thing this game is! Might as well be the best game I've played this year.

| There were a lot of good things this year. I can't decide between Deep Rock Galactic, which is probably the best co op shooter I've ever played, and the album Hot Wet & Sassy by TOBACCO.

| Honestly, friendship. Might sound cheesy as fuck, but I experienced so much shit relating to friendships last year.

I found out new things about friends I've had for a long time, I made a lot of new ones, but then a lot of the new ones turned out to be bad people and apparently didn't give a single fucking shit about me and cut me off and it made me scared of friendship and made me develop trust issues.
But then I met someone who became my bff and made my life 10x better.

| It was all about Uni enterance exam for me. I had to bust my cheeks off for the whole year and finally it paid off and I got in a cool uni. Sad that it is online education and police is raiding our campus but I hope things will be better next year.

| And when I say 'next year' I mean 2021

| I think my thing this year was just gaining a nicotine addiction in the lamest way, and that makes me sad.

| >>729095
What was that way? I'm curious.
Won't judge btw, I've got one as well.


| For 2020? I guess Persona 5. I played it back to back to back and sank in round 750 hours. Right now it's definitely Nier: Automata though, I'm at about 100 hours on it

| akudama drive

| >>729185 i bought a novo x and some cbd juice. turns out cbd on its own doesnt do anything so i got bored. decided to buy actual 3mg nic salts. then i tossed out my novo and now i just buy disposables and smoke the occasional cigarillo. honestly, if i was hitting a burning stick every now and then i wouldnt care, but vaping is so fucking lame. its just more convenient, i guess. currently working on weaning myself off of nicotine, but i keep on getting bored and taking a hit. (cont)

| >>729185
nicotine isnt even that great. at this point i only feel really tired every time i take a hit.

| >>730181 >>730182
Damn. Shit like that does happen when you don't have correct information or little research. Kinda need some THC with the CBD to get anything out of it.

Also, when it comes to cigs over vape, it's not worth it. Even though both are nicotine, cigs are way more addictive to the point where if you go from vape to cigs and then back to vape, you'll still have massive withdrawals from the cigs.

I hope you manage to get off it though. Trick is to keep yourself busy.

| Being song-chan was my thing of the year! Made life bearable! I was really happy and at one point, looked forward to what the future held. It was nice.

| >>730818
Ay, ay. My friend. Don't talk as if it's over. Keep your chin up. I know it's hard, but, you've still got a lot in front of you, you know? It's not over.

| I suddenly rose to faction leader in some weird niche cold war milsim thing. it was very fun coordinating a whole platoon and leading us to crushing victories.

gonna suck to have to leave it behind to focus on school in this next week, but it has many good memories and I made lots of friends.

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