answer a question, ask another one


Is this a test question?

| Yes it is.

How was 2020 in your case?

| >>728565 actually pretty good, I started my own career, got closer to my friends and despite all the bad things I dont feel so stressed.

What is your favourite food?

| Tough. I love anything with noodles or pasta. Ramen, spaghetti, lasagna, etc.
If I had to pick one maybe some sort of seafood white sauce pasta.

Angry Burg or Burg?

| >>728567 Whatever I feel like. I like burgs balanced.

Do you love sex?

| Never had it but media seems to make it look like very pleasant so I might

Do you like more Resident evil 1 or 2 and why?

| Resident Evil 2 is more enjoyable in my opinion. I have good memories of staying up late as a kid because the PS1 was my older brothers and he wouldn't let me play it so I had to do it all stealthy-like when he was sleeping. It scared me so much I couldn't fall asleep afterwards but it was worth it. Being in a city was much cooler for 9 year old me than that rundown house from the first game lmao.

Do you play any pen & paper RPGs and if so which ones?

| >>728592 yes I do, but its an original one I built with my friends

| >>728593
nice question

| >>728602 oh sorry

What is the best thing that happened to you in 2020?

| >>728603

i got a wageslave job for 2 months and it made me get up in the morning

would you rather kill or be killed?

| >>728604 I will kill because i like my life.

Вот тебе не было лень вот это вот переводить, американец. А русским другой вопрос, РУССКИЕ КУДА?!

| >>728609 idk, dont speak it

Do you like cars?

| >>728611
I accept them.

Favorite Futurama episode?

| I haven't watched all of them, but the one I remember best was the one where Fry spends his fortune on the sardines.

What's the best piece of advice you were ever given?

| >>728622 Don't worry about making mistakes and learn to accept them.

Favorite show?

| >>728630
It has to be either the Monogatari series or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but since I prefer the Monogatari books over the show I'll go with JoJo's.
I just watched it at a very, how do I put it? Like, character defining time in my life, and everything in it from the story, characters, style, fashion and music just had an impact on me.

What's an object you hold very dear? An object (or a few objects) you own that means a lot to you and would hurt very badly to lose?

| The photo of my family that stands on my computer desk at all times. Now that I think about it it's probably the only object I own that would hurt to lose.

If you could live in any TV home, what would it be?

| I want to live in a decent apartment, sorry.

What is your favourite fandom?

| >>728741 My favorite fandom is Everlasting Summer.

Why we still here?

| >>728758 "only to suffer" jkjk idk, you make the meaning of your life

What do you want for 2021?

| >>728781 tbh I just wanna meet up with my college and high-school friends again u.u

Any songs you got stuck in your head lately?

| 15 story jump

could talk about an awkward experience you had recently?

| I shitposted on /a/ and felt bad about it.

Who was your first fictional crush(ie tv-personality, musician, cartoon character)?

| >>728800 Jessie from Pokemon. God she was so hot.

Are you optimistic about your future?

| I actually am. I have a lot of things I want to do that I know I'll be able to achieve. Different places I want to live, countries I want to go on roadtrips in and shit like that. I think it'll be pretty fun.

What were the worst and the best moments you had in 2020?

| Best moment was getting a new job, worst was finding out my wife died in the hospital.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

| To one favourite person or to Japan..
Do you have favourite person too?

| yes but their bad work ethic is seriously making me reconsider our friendship

what is your big goal in life?

| I'd like to start reviewing video games with a few friends of mine, I'm very passionate and I have a lot to say about the games I play. Besides that, I'm pretty normal, I'd just like to be well loved besides that.

What's a show/movie/game/etc you always wanted to get into but never can get yourself to start?

| God, the sheer number of stuff on my backlog...

uhhhhhh the Witcher live action tv show.

What is your favorite fruity flavored beverage?

| >>729024 lime mojito, sour, has a good spike and gets even better with salt, Guarana soda is also good, too bad its a pain to find anywhere that isnt south america

Do you like to exercise and why?

| Nope cus i am lazy to keep doing it but I did like it for the time i did it cus it gives a good rush when your done(to me at least).

Anyone here prefer to be alone for their life?

| Nope. Not at all. If I was alone I would be dead by now. I find people super interesting, and the people I love I love super, super much. I would never let go of that.

Do you get lots of hugs?

| My last hug was probably 5 year ago. Doesn't bother me much tbh. Salute to >>008158 [/spoiler]

What is your most memorable dream?

| As a kid I had the stupidest fucking nightmares. The best one: my family went to visit our friends who lived in the mountains. They had the power to change their fingers into other objects, but they were never supposed to change their fingers into noodles. One of their kids then decided to bully me by pretending like he was going to change his fingers into noodles, but at the last second he'd switch them to, like, a cup of orange juice or smth. 1/2

| 2/2 He did that a couple times, then he accidentally changed his fingers into noodles. My parents screamed and got us all into the car as fast as possible. We started driving down this tiny mountain road super fucking fast while my mom shouted at my dad. Then, all of our fingers started to turn into noodles, and then fall off. With no fingers whoever was driving couldn't steer, and we went over the steep edge of the road. I woke up knowing every detail of the dream and never forgot

| Do you think non-deep-dive VR will ever be commonplace or popular?

| >>729054

I think the technology has matured enough to where it's already becoming commonplace. It seems like the next step in videogames, tbh.

What is your favorite food, and why?

| Panda express, cuz I'm white

Why does my dad hit me

| >>851ceb idk ask him why

Cats or dogs

| >>729346 cats, meow
Did you saw any Sion Sono movie?

| >>729341

You say that like Panda Express isn't enjoyed by actual asians...

Kinda offended tbh lmao, if only because I've had some actually shitty "white people chinese food" made by actually white people/companies.

Like... P.F. Chang's (bleh).

Even then, that was started by a Chinese dude at one point.

| Anyway uh...


I've never heard of that film tbh.

How many kinds of cheese have you eaten?

| >>729389 I probably ate a lot of them because I don't really have any preferences. The only exception is the French one. I can eat it but it tastes and smells horribly.

What is your favourite piece of fiction (game, book, anime, etc)?

| >>729391 "The Foundation Pit" by A. Platonov.
How much time had you spend in read-only before your first post?

| Basically no time. You see I was already depressed before finding danger/u/ so I felt at home
Favourite V-tuber?

| >>729470 ironmouse

Should I stop saying sex and say spunk funk?

| It should be funk spunk, and that's a replacement for cum, not sex. You should do that.

Do you have trouble waking up early or on time?

| Yes. My sleep routine is a mess. I try to fix it with a strict schedule, but it hasn't worked so far.

| What is your guilty pleasure?

| Eating fruitcake. Like, several pounds of it. And then drinking Dr pepper. 2l of it.

Did you know that if you earn less than $1000 per month (in most USA states), you can get government assistance (SNAP benefits), and that no one really uses this because of the forms and the thought that you need to be homeless or in extreme poverty to use it?

| No I did not I don't live in the US. Dr. Pepper is hot but it's hard as hell to find in my country.

Got a favorite old song?

| Sadly no
Are you watching something on Netflix, and what?

OT: >>729389 *movies, sorry i was speak about director

| I don't. After tons of anime I have this "suspension of disbelief" thing with human actors. I just don't feel anything because I don't believe them. I am not sure if this is a problem though because I heard Netflix takes a lot of time.

What is your favourite colour?

| Blue; all tones, except the very bright ones.

Title and author of any song that made you cry (sadness, happiness, melancholy...)?

| >>729659 Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains

What's a game you'd love to love and play but for some reason you can't seem to get into / enjoy playing?

| Hollow Knight. I've tried to play it multiple times and I can enever do it. I just get bored so quickly. All of my friends loved it and I just cant bring myself to like it.

What's something you've been wanting to do for a while but haven't gotten around to it yet?

| Releasing an album. Though, I might get to do it as soon as February if things go as planned, but it's something I've wanted to do for a really long time but never thought I'd get the chance to do, ever.

What's a reoccurring thought or almost, like, vision, that you have?

| Retiring to a little lighthouse on the northern coast and living out my days as a lighthouse keeper. I've got a whole little town and idealized life visualized , down to routines and happy scenes of everyday life.

Would you rather vacation to the mountains or to the beaches?

| >>b59f34 Beaches, I used to miss the cold after I moved but after a trip up north, I really... dont miss it. Being able to go outside and not worry about anything other than rain is too nice to give up.

What's your dream partners favorite kink?

| >>730094
Respect paired with open communication.

Favorite song of all time?

| Tranquilized by Acid Bath

Your most needed convenience?

| >>730116 flight super power.

Plans for today?

| Do a decent job at work, head home play video hames,make dinner, and get ready for the next day.

Why is danger/u/ your favorite message board?

| Because it's small and I don't use any other ones.

How has your life changed during quarantine?

| i was a depressed hikki then and i'm a depressed hikki now

what's a weird unexplainable spooky event that happened to you?

| >>730165 I was pushed into attending a party in a foreign country while on a stop on a cruise. My parents were just right there and didn't help.

What browsers do you g/u/rls use?

| I use Firefox, but all of them are pretty much the same right now.

Can you dance?

| >>953f8d Very badly

How frequently do you fall virtually in love?

| ...yes
Do you think that social networks can be dangerous for future of democratic systems?

| >>730467 well reddit ceo said he cpuld swing an election if he wanted, socialmidia companies seem to have the power to silence bit political figures, control information trought fact checking and more, so yes! they already a problem.

How good was the last meal you had?

| Recently i had roll with salame.. jt was ok dinner.. i Should really eat something probably

How lewd are you?

| Pretty lewd but it depends on the day

If you have a job you hate should you quit?

| >>730488 If you can start one that you like, yes, you should. If you didn't find one, it's better to stay.


| I won't give you a real answer, but you can always imagine one.

Are you winning?

| Yes, i'm winning
What is your opinion about bondage?

| I find it very interesting and would be interested in trying it if I ever have a partner who's into it.

Do you want to have kids? If so, how many? Biological or adopted?

| I don't want kids. Actually I don't want any romantic relationships either.

Do you want a romantic partner? Doesn't the thought of a possible trauma scare you off of a romantic life?

| I feel some kind of romance, over that we know each other over internet
What do you think about conspiracies?

| I used Occam's Razor for most of them. But the reality is not that simple after all.

What is your favorite youtube channel?

| Probably Count Dankula or RTgame

Do you g/u/rls read berserk?

| I do! I haven't gotten that far though. I don't get to read books or manga very often. I'm a few volumes in though, and it's really good.

Do you ever feel like your body isn't there? Sort of like your body is ethereal?

| Nah. My body is excruciatingly mortal thay it hurts.

What do you do when you feel like you really don't want to exist today?

| Sh..
Did you ever sh? (I hope that not, you are sure nice person <3)

| Luckily I was born late enough that I only ever encountered bash or zsh.

What do you do for exercise?

| lifting and some light treadmill jogging. Corona has kinda fucked my schedule though...

whats one super niche thing you do?

| Breaking the law I guess.

What is love?

| Chemicals

How do u discover new music

| By accident
Why was 6 afraid of 7?

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