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dangeru is fucking dying

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What the fuck pref?

| The Augmented Eye has been dead for weeks now too. I mean, it's been dead for longer than that but now I can't even access the page. Just get a 502 error

| >>727431 AugEye is even deader than an inanimate object like /lain/. I think it's probably reached the same category of inanimacy as the force of gravity, or a vacuum.

| gurls im sad

| I was hoping this place would liven up a little with the release of N1RV Ann-A but due to it being delayed infinitely that won't happen.

I don't think this place is dying. It'll definetly get an upswing sometime in the future.

Dangeru isn't as charming as it used to be though. It has honestly been kinda lame lately.

| Isn't there a way to revive The Augmented Eye ?

| >>727504
Of course.

But who wants to write for a fictional newspaper that only a handful of lurkers read anyway?

| bad gateway again

| Hopefully the site will be revived again when N1RV Ann-A comes out.

| >>727543 eh, it depends on how long it takes, and with it being delayed with no end in sight i don't know tbh.

| Tbh I appreciated the augmented eye and kira mikki posts, nowadays this place seems to be decaying into a normal chan with common posts and a shitload of idiots discussing politics in /news/

Thankfully the burg war is going on and a part of the va-11-hall-a fans remain

| >>727507
this unfortunately
Best would be for /cyb/ but seems like people just want to sit in random instead of doing rp stuff. So it's hard to justify.
Try and take critiques seen here but then it ends up not doing anything as they just ignore it anyways.
So those that have been trying just get frustrated and it feels like being lied to about people getting in to something you like when you tell them about it and they say "oh I forgot"

| Yo, if danger/u/ die i'll fucking end myself

| >>727428

I've notified Prefetcher. Sorry for the delay.

| Re: The Augmented Eye.

| >>727550
I, for one, have never expressed interest in /cyb/ so I'm not one of those liars!
Not that that's any better. I just can never get into rp

It's back, cool beans

| Honestly I have just been less interested in the topics lately and some of the memes are getting tired personally

| Please don't let danger/u/ die, I only recently (past three months) found this place but I love it to bits.

| Please don't let danger/u/ die, I only recently (past three months) found this place but I love it to bits. >>fcf631

Same, BIG SAME g/u/rl

| Also does anyone know where to find a list of the tracks on radi/u/?

| >>727550
I've tried to get into /cyb/ a few times over the years, but it never sticks. Something about the idea of attaching a name and an identity to my posts, even when false, just feels wrong.

| I've been around for I think almost 2 years and pretty much I feel the same as >>727697 .

| Why don't you guys start topics you're interested in then?

| I've done that before, it seemed like not that many other people were interested

Been here a long time so I've just gotten tired of some of the memes and I've gotten older, my interest and much of the boards users just don't align these days

It's fine I just don't really fit in here any more

| This is like the least toxic "chan" I've ever used, don't let this end please

| Why don't you guys put out an update for the app or at least something like an update so the app gets shown in google play more

| Or, like I've been saying, change the app to the games section of the PlayStore if possible.
The original app was in the games section and thinking about it, I might have never found this place if it wasn't.
I never check the regular app section of the Play Store if I'm being honest so I would've never seen it cause they don't recommend regular apps in the game section and I wouldn't have searched "dangeru" which is the other way of finding it

I imagine that's impossible though.

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