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comfy thread

| hi /u/. i tried making this thread before but it didnt work for some reason. i think the page didnt load or something. forgive me if this is a duplicate thread, this is my first time.

i have some 6% sangria that i dont really like, so i dont think im getting drunk, but im about to go to sleep anyways. i just thought it would be cool to make a comfy thread.

i found out that someone made danger/u/ irl from a jill shitposting account on instagram. whats this board like? seems slow.

| the thing im sipping is either 6% or 6 proof, but either way its really low.

| hi newg/u/rl. in terms of speed, we're currently waxing gibbous. as for what this board is like, I'd say that your first impression is probably accurate, except /new/ is usually a little fightier. to get started on danger/u/ you should go to /burg/ and post a few burgs. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES POST ANGRY BURGS, THEY ARE THE FORCES OF EVIL.

| >>727470
Do not listen to this fraud, angry burgs are the only way how you really can eat those burgs.

| burg


| burg

| >>727470 hello, i'm force of evil, glad to meet you
Angry burg

| Welcome to the boar!
As you can see above, we operate on minimal braincells. I would recommend not getting involved in either gang and remaining neutral, but if one entices you, well, it's your choice, your life.

This board is pretty slow right now. Sometimes it's a bit more active, and we've had higher quality "eras" than the current one, but it's still a pretty nice place in my opinion.

So make yourself at home, explore the "culture", and I hope you enjoy your stay :)

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This thread is permanently archived