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Nyanners is dead, and you did killed her...

| Who can believe that 5000 not-subscribers can kill vtuber "^^

| What happen?

| >>727326 Nyanners died

| >>727326 She died

| >>727340 >>727346 nice

| How tho? Not like i care just want context.

| >>727352 read the tile of the thread again you murderer

| >>727352 It says right there in the title you killer

| who is this "youdid" you speak of

| >>727373
thats the person who killed nyanners obviously

| >>727326 FUCK https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0hsV475mZEA

| >>727412
Youtube prefers Nyanders

| >>727412 thanks, finally a context.

| As a Nyanners killer's president, In our defence, We did not regularly watch her video, And we did not retrieve any kind of notice regarding the "put in the back and shoot" thus the fault should fall upon the actual subscriber or nyanners herself, not us the so called "killers", Many of our member don't watch Vtuber and some don't even know what vtuber is. For me myself i only watch Mano Aloe >I think she pretty cute.

| >>727482

| >>727492
Is there something the Aloe simps must know?

| >>727605 pp

| >>727609 that's the good part

| Y'all stupid, she is an eldrich cat monster god, she didnt die.

| Isnt Nyanners an sjw tho

| /s

| >>728148 no, as far as I know

| >>728148 she just doesn't like pedos

| Funeral stream when?

| >>728329 ....ask her clone ;-;

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This thread is permanently archived