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Feeling like entertainment

| Do you g/u/rls ever get that feeling?
That people only keep you around because you're entertaining, and not because you're, you?

I often feel like the only times people wanna interact with me is situations where I'm:
1. Entertaining
2. Helping them
3. Or really, really need help

Know what I mean?
People never seem to want to just, chill, I guess. It's always either doing something where I'll be entertaining. Giving them advice/supporting them or desperately need support myself.

| Idk how to describe it any better than that. It's a weird feeling. A very empty one.

Like, people will talk to me and rant about something while I'm listening and responding, but I feel like I could never do the same to them without them just barely listening or straight up ignoring me.

Obviously, this shit is all exaggerated in my head and not really true, but damn does it hurt whenever I feel like this. Like I'm worthless to people I love unless I'm giving them what they want.

| I've never had that feeling before. I doubt the people who find you entertaining make a distinction between you and the entertainment, though. They probably see you as 'the g/u/rl who gives good advice' or whatever else it is that they go to you for. And in the end there will always be people who take more from the relationship than they give, and you won't be able to change them. In that case it's up to you how to proceed.

| >>725198
I was just overthinking shit. It's aight. I talked it through with one of my friends, and, yeah. I was just overthinking because of the lack of social contact lately, so I got very in my head about the very few interactions I'd had recently.

| >>725231 I've heard that being lonely can increase the chances that you'll percieve a social interaction as negative. It's pretty hard to maintain relationships in this situation, isn't it? Hopefully we can outlast it.

| >>725330
Sure is. It's, yeah. It's really fucking rough. But, ay. Just gotta make it through the best we can.

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This thread is permanently archived