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21st is here, what powers did yall get?

| I can fly and create objects out of thin air.
Fellow black people, what did you get from your gene aweakening?

| I'm not that spiritual, but a close friend of mine who is wanted me to try meditation today and thought me how.

No powers of course, but my head was a lot clearer afterwards and I honestly felt more relieved and stress free than I have in months. Helped me with setting some clearer goals for myself as well.

I might end up doing it more often.

| I have obtained the ability to become a mist-like form at will. My hero name will be Gaseous Clay.

| >>724952 nice! No I want a hero name too.

It will be The Creator

| bump

| Unfortunately I'm not black but a close friend of mine has obtained teleportation.

| >>725200
>unfortunately i'm not black
lol no one wants to be black

| Fat cock

| >>725212 imagine not wanting super powers

| I'm probably the best in the world at exaggerating.

| >>725212

Ok kyle :)

| >>725296
Only "probably"?

| Ultimate commit suicide ability xd

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This thread is permanently archived