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Can i call spanish femboys chicao?

| Chicao or chicoa? Or mujombre? Or Homjer?

| Mujombre not pls xD That's for females who are too... manly.

Call them Fembo, sounds fun an original in Spanish like "Qué tal fembo?"

| >>c614ec haha tnks :)

| Refrain from speaking spanish, like, ever.

| The absolute state of /u/

| >>724895 I've never ever ever heard anyone refer to a manly woman as "mujombre" lmao

| >>724893 Just call them "Marico" bro or maybe "Trapo"

| >>724899 Is there a particular reason for you to say that?

| Marik

| >>724907 Hear that from Dominicans a lot to literally anyone and it's also related to a word that gained the same status as the N-word, where is it bad if anyone using it but those who actually are it. We now need a M-word pass lol.

But I agree to "Trapo" bro, maybe "Trapibro"

| Just call them traps, stop making it hard on yourself.

| Literally none of these words are said in Spanish, apart from mujombre which refers to women who are manly, and it's a big slur so it's in disuse.

Just use the English word

| just no

| Fuck you

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This thread is permanently archived