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2021 is cancelled

| All we'll get is 2020 NG+

| XD

| And our gear is on early 2020 upgrade level.

| I'm ready to never do this particular year again.

| So 2020 and 2019 were also cancelled, so we are on 2018's NG+++

| y'all went through 2020 but you aint ready for the DLC

| Bruh its just gonna be 2012 ng+++++++++, the world already ended and this is the post game run

| I pre-ordered 2021 and got the stimulus check pre-order bonus, what am I supposed to do now?

| >>724947 cry since you wont have vaccine and will have to stay at home for more 3 months with just that money that will probably go to accounts of amazon, Ifood and other big corporations that keep you alive, while taxes and debt piles up you will be in still in dispair as everbody get poor and the big companies laught at how they destroyed small bussines and sucked out dry both the governament and the people with just a pandemic that luckly appeard out of nowhere.

| bump

| >>724937 we're still on loop 1. in 2032 we'll reach loop 2 and the difficulty will go up again.

| >>b13e23 u wish

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This thread is permanently archived