I'm heading to McDonalds, what are you getting?

| Yo, I'm taking a quick stop at McDonald's, anything you guys want me to get for you? It's on me because you're a good friend. So don't worry about that. <3

| whonper

| Cheeseburger, file-o-fish and a goddamn chickenburger. I want some of that air-land-and-sea action. Also small fries and an ice-cream, thank you!

| >>08e377 Talk about a large meal, Anon. You must be a growing g/u/rl!

| Nah, I'll combine 'em all into one BigMac-sized burger, excess buns discarded.

| I don't like fast food, it's unethical

| Chees Bubger pleeas

| >>717631
there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, gurl.

| Ooh! I'll take a chicken burger if that's okay! And... and a small Sprite! I can pay though! It's okay! Just show me the tab afterwards and I'll give back.

| >>e28c6d I absolutely insist! You've been so good to me ever since the day we first met, there's no need to be so humble. Please, it's my treat.

| Burger king cheeseburge ples

| >>717648
Aw! That's so sweet of you! You've been the same way to me though! I want to at least give you something back for always being there for me!

| Gimme the 12 piece chicken mcnugget meal and like

half a dozen sweet and sour sauce packet things.

| >>e28c6d If you really say so... I'd really hate for you to pay for your own food. Are you sure you at least don't want me to get you some desert?

| >>717681
Mhh. Okay! Fine! You can buy me an ice cream since you insist :3

| double 9 large

| Angy burg pls

| >>e28c6d Uhm, the icecream machine is broke they said, care for a pie or something instead? I'm super sorry...

| A number 9

| >>717765
Aw! Don't be sorry! It's okay! Do they have smoothies there? If they do I'll take a smoothie instead :)

| >>4cce63 If a smoothie is what you want, of course! I'm feeling like one myself, so we can have them together... Like old times.

| >>717830
Aw! Yes please! That sounds lovely <3

| le bigmac

| one shibari please.. with warm hugs :c

| No travis scott burger joke here yet, weird


| travy the patty


| limited edition Garfield evangelion oven mittens

| you.

| me.

| him

| Yes, please. Can I get uhhhh...

| crispy mcchicken with some fries on the side please :)

| make it have a toy too!!!

| two numbuh 9 a numbuh 9 large

| >>718803
a number 6 with extra dip

| 10 small fries and an oreo mcflurry in a southern-style Large drink cup.

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