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| Let out everything you wish to say. I'll start.

I'm always doing everything for them. It feels so painful. I'm so tired, I wish I could scream and let them know how painful it is for me. Not to mention I feel like my efforts are all meaningless. Do they even realize how much I do for them? The pain I always undergo?

I just wish they'd see and be aware of what I truly feel.


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If you don't tell them, then they won't know. If they don't know, they won't change. If you let them know and they don't care, then they don't deserve you. If you let them know and they care and they change, then they're good and worth keeping around.

| I'm sick of these voices in my head, constantly pushing me to corners I barely get out of.
I'm tired of living with a certain base level of pain, I forgot what having no strain on my body feels like.
I'm sick of getting random adrenaline spikes, including in the middle of the night.
It doesn't seem like it on the outside, but I'm hollow, angry and depressed inside. I kid you not I almost ended it once.

I'm tired of opening up to people that end up stabbing me in the back.

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I know how it feels homie. Just gotta keep searching for help and endure it. Find ways to ease the pain a little, preferably without damaging yourself, and just keep going.

| i hate being race mixed. i feel like i'm the incarnation of the dying of a people. all my life i've felt like i'm homeless in the world everywhere i go. when i vibe with tradition, art, family stories & lore, i feel like there is a part of me that was just ripped away. feels like i'll never belong anywhere. i got a massive identity crisis coupled with an angry depression & my parent/s knows nothing. i hate that they did this to me. i guess only ugly mutts like me will relate.

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Thank you, really. We're gonna make it eventually. That's the reason I'm still here.

And hey, it seems like you do get it, so try to not hurt yourself as well.

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That's, retarded. I understand and see how you would end up with a mindset like that, but you really need to change that or you're genuinely not going to belong anywhere.

Being mixed, having two different cultures, that's not a curse. It's quite the contrary. At least personally I find that way more interesting than I do people who aren't. Knowing and having two different cultures is something I wish I had, though there is the fact that I find culture really interesting.

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Exactly! We will, and I'm glad you realize that and that you're still here :)

Yeah, sadly I do, but hey, at least the fact that I do gives me a bit more perspective and wisdom than people who don't know what it's like.

Thanks! I try not to, but I have gotten into some very unhealthy and slightly harmful habits because of it. But it's okay! Preventing others from falling into harmful habits is a lot easier when you know a lot about it and can use yourself as an example :)

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I'm also holding on to some harmful / dangerous habits, it helps me to get by. Sometimes putting some plasters on an open wound helps, even if it's temporary.

I wish you only the best my friend.

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Sadly, that's usually how it goes. Beating that shit is hard, but, one day, ay?

I wish you the best as well homie.

| Op vented

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i hate people like you especially

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Why is that?

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