what's something

| ..that u used to really enjoy doing but doesn't make u happy the same way anymore? It can be a hobby or anything!

Mine is being there for people. I feel like everyone just needs a person who listens to them but they won't really return that same friendship.

What's yours?

| Playing videogames solo. I still enjoy it and hell yes I'm interested in the underlying mechanics of that jazz, but goddamn, most of 'em seem boring.
I was mostly enjoying games with a good narrative. Maybe it's time to get back into books.

| Drawing. Used to like it a lot, then became disillusioned with my own skill and I'm not persistent enough to try to get better.
Also reading. I feel like my attention span has decreased a lot recently. Though that might also have something to do with lack of free time.

| 3D CGI with Blender. Used to do it a lot, but now I just seem to be out of ideas. But it's fine, it will pass and eventually I'll get back into it.

| I used to be into reading as a kid but now i have too many obligations to both find a good book and find the time to sit down and get immersed in a book for a long time

| everything ;-;

| >>716518 if you're still looking for one, i highly recommend mistborn. it's my favorite and the first book is so good that you can read it on its own. hope it helps u

| >>716547
You'd better only read the first book on its own, because books two and three devolve into utter BS territory really quickly. Hell, the ending of book one is kinda guilty of that as well. A shame, really, because it started really strong, the characters were really interesting before marysueism went full throttle and the world seemed very well built at first. The various magic systems are still cool though.

| Living

| >>716552 honestly i just finished the trilogy and didnt read the following ones tbh. I liked all of it but the first was hands down the best

| while I still generally like to read, I usually prefer to do something else.

I used to really enjoy swimming, but it is hard to be interested in swimming or at swimming withouh being competitive (especially in high school). I kept up competitive swimming for a little bit, but I ended up injuring myself, and between that and not enjoying the competition I lost interest.

| or improve at swimming*

| lol just go to the beach why would you compete >>716692
I really like swimming, but there are no beaches around and swimming pools are hella expensive for some reason, plus the overwhelming crowds of people which is currently a big no no

| Video games. They just don't appeal like they used to.

| masturbating

| Being happy.

| >>d9383d Yeah pretty much


| Playing video games. I've started getting into them again, but it's not nearly to the same extent.

| Being in twitter.

| Hardcore drugs :'(

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