wuts ur favorite animal?



| mosquito, it has great numbeers

| Racoon or huskey because they are furry and cool

| Bunny! Bunnies are cute and they also have a very special meaning to me.

| owl

| That one what can i steal!

| Wombats. They poop cubes.
Also they're actually pretty cute.

| Sharks specifically tiger sharks but if we're talking pets I'm obsessed with cats <3

| Cats if we are talking conventional domestic.
Lizards of all types if unconventional.
Big cats and big lizards if not domestic at all.

| Dogs hands down are the goodest animal around

| dogs, and i think birds are cool as well

| Where's my bug and athropod fans at? Moths and dragonflies are beautiful. Beetles and cute and powerful. Mantises are majestic. My underappreciated fav has always been antlions though. Cute lil beasties transforming into four-winged beast

And spiders! The little jumpy ones are adorable! The big scary ones look like elder gods and I love that.

Fuck cockroaches though.

| moth

| >>716738 ants, bees, and termites are really cool. did you know that there is more ant by mass than human?

| microbes

| cockroaches

| Humans, dogs, pangolins, hedgehogs, octopi and doves

| Human :^)

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