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Mod appreciation thread

| Keep it up, you are doing great.

| >>710647 no. Any kind of moderation is bad moderation. Praise free speech. Mods don't need to interfere, if people don't like a thread they can just not enter it. Mods gonna mod

| >>710650
Any kind of total freedom ends disastrously. Sadly, people need rules to behave and remain somewhat polite to each other.

| >>710654 why you need people to be polite to you? You fuckin pussy

| >>b21431
total anarchy never ends well esp for a forum. spam, illegal content, etc, give it a shot if you're such a proponent of 0 moderation ;)
>obvious bait is obvious

| As the op from that other mod appreciation thread I appreciate and approve of this thread

| >>710650 the mods here are really chill tho, they rearely interfere with anything as long as there is no illegal stuff or hacking you should be fine

Love the mods!!

| >>710663 >>710673 they have spam protection and nobody's gonna post cp for free. Mods here remind of mods at reddit. It saddens me

| >>710679 bro what? Reddit mods are way worse, which danger/u/ are you using?

| this website is one of the only places I've gone to that has good mods tbh

| >>710679
gonna have to cite sources, friend

| >>710700
agreed - it's an age old issue.
i always believe in limited moderation. that is, mods shouldn't interfere unless something poses an actual risk.
i'm in a server where the community moderates itself for the most part, and mods only step in when someone is doing some real bad shit. it really works out

| >>710700 well was the thread dead for more than 24 hours? If so then its just the program doing its thing

| >>710704 >>710708
just checked, there are some threads with days of inactivity across boards, including /v/. i guess expiry is diff across boards, but generally most last longer than 24hrs
>also too new to comment so take with a grain of salt

| >>710708 >>710713 the colored title ones will always remain active, just because there are active ones sorounding it doesnt mean that they should all be closed, its all about innactivity, if no one comments for more than 24 hours than it just closes, it happens. Cant say I hevnt seen some threads closing earlier than usual but those cases are either rare or I didnt even pay enought attention to know how long it has been active

| >>710718 how do you know thats how they sort them tho? For me the threads are all over the place and the numbers are not sorted by order, I think you are assuming too much on that one, but I could be wrong.

Oh and dont forget the archived threads, those are closed even if they appear to be open

| >>710720
i haven't made sense of it myself yet. it seems vaguely sorted by either activity or the date the thread was opened...

| >>710726 if the system doesnt appear to be changed in realtime then a thread cpuld very muche be dead for a long time but it still appears to be there for you depending on how active you or other people are

| For the record, the "no mods" approach was tried, back when there was only like one mod and he ragequit. It was some of the worst time for the website, to the point where Pref didn't even like visiting their own creation anymore because it was an unironic shithole.

So we'll be here until the website stops being hosted.

| >>710747
Honestly, good.

I think yall do a great job.

| >>710751

Thanks, we appreciate that.

| >>710754

Sometimes the only way to fight autism...

... is with reverse autism. :^)

| Gotta say, the mods here are good, never had any trouble with them, I really dont get why people are complining, so many places have it worse, the mods here are fun, not intrusive, not biased, they answer fast and they even interact with us when needed, on my top 5 mod groups for sure

| Thank you mods yall are great and make this place enjoyable to visit unlike other boards ive been on

| I hate mods

| Fuck mods

| Not sure what to think about how the thread turned out but for me it was yet another example why I like the mods here. Keep your reverse awootism flowing.

| >>710903 I love the mods

| 2nd time I've been banned for mimicking a thread by spam poster lol. Now all my replies here are gone

| >>710938 I think thats a fair reason...

| Not saying it isn't. Can't expect the mods to check every single IP and post history when the spammer changes his IP so much

| They should stop banning my IPs...

| >>710958

You should stop being a cunt.

| That is such a bummer tho. I was starting to be active on /u/ again and now my threads/posts are poof.
Last time I got unbanned quickly, but my threads didn't come back. I swear to never mimick a thread again lol

| >>710959 I just want to have my own thread without it getting deleted all the time

| >>710960

Sorry about that. The discord is still open to get your primary IP unbanned if you like.

| >>710961

We don't care. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

| You bitch and complain all the time about us banning you like a game of whack a mole, but thanks to you, destroying spam and banning IP's has become so easy, it will always take a tenth of the time to remove you than it does for you to find new IP's.

| >>710964
Applies to me as well haha. Back to appreciation, I do appreciate that mods give quick responses

| I'm not spamming so why are you still trying to ban me?

| >>710966

Thanks. And sorry once again.

| >>710967

Because you are.

| Creating 1-2 threads ≠ spam

| And why is "Destry this thread" still not deleted? There are some strange russian cp links and Reol posts in there

| >>710972 good question(op of that thread)

| The pp power in that thread is just too strong

| >>710972

We're investigating the thread now. Thank you for pointing that out.

| Also thanks for the unban, was totally my fault don't have to apologize.

| ....Well well.

One of those links really did have child porn.

| >>710977

No problem.

| >>710979 hmmm they better delete those links then

| Child porn? Seriously? It's just a Japanese girl, what the hell is wrong with you?

| Oh, they deleted it!

| >>710972

Thanks again for the report.

Tell you what, even though we're pretty much used to this back and forth, you can have one thread for posting your songs as long as you don't pull one of those "haha flood the board with threads and then invade and flood other threads with reol/sayuri" again, since for what it's worth, you did potentially just save our ass.

The moment one of us login and see the board flooded though, it's all bets off.

| >>710986 THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!

| >>710987

No problem. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween.

| >>710959

| why the hell would you delete that thread??? >>710979 didn't even take a look at the links
obviously it has reol spam because that's the theme of the damn thread!

| >>711006 Im fine with it being deleted

| >>711008 i'm fine with you being deleted!

| >>711011 rude

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