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So uh... am I the asshole?

| Like, look at this thread, it might be hard since its long but just see how this thing evolves


So gruls m I the asshole fpr being myself or should I just try to "fit in" and obey an now non anom thet wants to gatekeep the community here?

| Please don't drag /new/ into /u/

| >>710509
Yeah, that would be nice..

| Nonono please read, this isnt about the political discussion there(cuz there really isnt) is abput the the stalker gurl that seems to be bullying and stalking me there to make me feel bad about being myself because me having a personality ruins anomnimity and for some ruins the whole site for them

| >>710513
I read it a bit and honestly it's kinda dumb? Do you... enjoy arguing with people online? You can just stop at any time, but you went on and on and, like, no shame if that's what you get off on and you find someone weird enough to be your shouting match opponent, but don't expect other people will want to read all that. It all feels kind of pointless to me.

| >>710526 I done like it, I just dont mind but since they are complaing that the community hates me in especific then I would like to know if thats really true, like all I do is give an opinion then they start calling names and say shit, then they proceed to get angry because I defend myself and how Im egocentrical by making the discussion about me.

Also thanks for reading

| But you are right, it is pointless, since stalker seems to be just a crazy creep who feels like they gotta protect the community by making it worse for both me and themselves, pretty irrataional

| >>710529
I... think calling them a stalker is too much? And calling them a crazy creep is just getting rude. They're just annoyed by your posts is all.

I think you're getting worked up over nothing. Go offline and do something else for a bit.

| >>710531 meh I say that more of jokes cuz it boarders this behaviour but yeah they could do worse, I just dont really care about them, I care more about the fact that somebody is upset because something I did and I feel a bit guilty, but overall I know that this is just stupid and stalkerkun is just another person acting silly on the net

| You are the same person aren't you?

| >>710534 by the logic of stalker
Kun no I should be a ano.

But on my logic, same on what? Like if you are gusseing that Im the person on the /new/ thread that was talking talking about being themselves, then yes I am the person, thats why the thread is called "am I da asshole?"

| I believe the person you talked to explained himself well but you started hauling insults and conspiracies towards him instead of listening.

People just wants you to stop derailing their threads and posting off-topic nonsense in literally every thread on /new/.

Even if people ask you politely, explain politely, explain curtly or bully you for it your response is always the same. You get defensive and go on the attack.

So yes, to answer your question. You are the asshole.

| >>710545
Yep, pretty much this

| >>710545 well this answers it I guess,thanks.

| But I gotta say yall got some twiested sense of offtopic, and also it only goes off topic because yall get triggered and start saying shit about it, theb I defend it, so if you dont want to "go off topic" then just stay on topi and dont care about it, its the internet and people will go out of their way for somethings, so Idk why yall dont get that

| Bruh you lost your shit for no reason, own it

| >your response is always the same. You get defensive and go on the attack.

| Like fuck this is literally why you losers have your own forum, please dont drag this absolute non drama into /u/. We WILL NOT HAVE IT!

| >>710555
Just leave.

| >>ea4c03
Please don't spread your bullshit to other boards.

| >>710560 I didnt lose my shit tho, if you read the thread you will see that stulker kun was the one that started to attack me

>>710561 well it is a response to people attacking me so of course the answer is the same, the attack is always the same

>>710563 not my fault people start meaningless shit

>>710564 no and you cant do anything

>>710565 then dont start shit on threads, thats a lesson for everyone

| >>710569
Dude, just leave.

| This is a place for anoms to talk, no one has to obey anyone here(except the mods), so like who the hell do yall think you are saying how I should use this site? Im just being me, if I am naturally not fitting in your definitions of how the site should be then thats your fault for having said preconceptions, Im chill in most boards but sometimes people just act like assholes for no reason, so context is important, I understand you guys point but its just so meaningless

| Take a walk or something

| >>710573 if you could make me leave you wpuld have done so, so this just means you cant and you now saying this in an attempt to do something, it wont work, you are just another anom here, I feel no connection nor any weight from those words, cuz like why bother to hear strangers that could very much be the same person? Like there was no anonimity I could feel more but rn its just meaningless

| >>710576 any other recommendations? Its raining rn so I cant go out :(

| Whatever modmom will lock this thread soon zzzzx

| If people doesn't like that you act like this on /new/ then why the fuck do you think it's a good idea to act like this on /u/???

| >>710579 true, in the end it really was meaningless, people will be people

| >>710580 nah I just wanted to know what people think, since only 4 people use /new/. Sorry to bother you, I just act like that on that board.

| >>710582
well maybe it's time to stop?

| >>710583


This to be honest.

Also, don't drag people from outside /news/ into your drama, there's a reason most people ignore that board, and its actually less to do with the "political discussion" and more to do with the worthless outrage over... everything.

I'm locking this thread.

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