I hate being so lonely all the time.

| But I also enjoy it at the same time.
Why must life be a ball of contradictory moments.

| I kind know what you mean. You don't like being lonely, but you feel more comfortable being lonely because it's what you're used to and social interaction and relationships can be stressful. Especially when you're not used to it.

| Yeah, friends are cool, but the effort, that you have to put into friendship is way too much

| Yeah, friends are cool, but the effort, that you have to put into friendship is way too much

| I have no clue why that posted twice

| >>706289
I understand that. You need find real ones for it to be worth it, and when I say real ones I mean fucking REAL ones. It's rough.

| Nothing is real

| The worst you could do is getting used to it, don't be like me, please.

| >mfw I'm left leaning and therefore have friends

You jelly?

| >>706408
not really. based on what you wrote in your post, i'm really glad i'm not you.

| >>706408
This post is a travesty. I feel ashamed that I can even be slightly compared to you.

| >>706417 >>706448
No wonder you don't have any friends if this is your reaction xD

| >>706517
They (and by extention we) may not have friends, but atleast we have a better fucking personality than you.

| >>706613
you dont, you're so unnhappy no one likes you, even midia mackes fun of you

| I'm a radical centrist, and I have the perfect number of friends. (Why won't anyone love me!? ... Just kidding.) I have one or two excellent zero-effort friends. By `zero-effort' I mean it never feels like any effort.

| Feeling lonely and being alone is not the same thing guys.

| >>706693 "No matter what political side society leans to, the poor, the meantally ill, the socially akward, the lonely, the weak and the inexperienced people will always be iggnored and treated as if they are lesses or dont have real problems in life, thats absurd!!!" Me, 2020
You are full of ass, whats the point about caring for the "oppressed" if you select who is considered oppresed?

| >>706693
you can't even spell

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