More g/u/rls than g/u/ys?

| Is it true that there are more g/u/rls than g/u/ys in here?

I personally think that we probably are the same amount.

| imagine being a guy

| >tfw i have no control over what gender i am

| Tf are g/u/ys,we're all g/u/rls

| >>706171 OP, you have to wake up... g/u/ys haven't existed since 2007--We're all f/u/tanaris now.

| There are no me/n/ on the internet, dummy.

| What the f is a g/u/y? Never seen that used he e before.

| A question that will never be answered, though, you should have realised by now that we're all g/u/rls.

| We're all g/u/rls now...

| I have beeen tricked! They told me that the g/u/ys existed...

| >>706319 you can't trust anyone unless they send you dick pics. even when they do, they're almost always a femboy instead of a full g/u/y.

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